A Release Note For Legacy Systems

I’ve often said that older systems haven’t innovated as much as they should have the past decade. Sure, the systems change and evolve, but have they really improved? Here is a quick look at what just about every release made in the last 10 years could have looked like.

imageAnnouncing SuperOld CMS 8.5!

We are proud to announce our newest version of SuperOld CMS. Right off, you will be impressed with the bigger version number which means more goodness for you.

For this release we listened to you and heard your concerns. In version 7.5 we placed our new critical features in a menu that our customers said was too hard to find. Now that you have had three years to learn exactly how to use those features, we have moved them to a more intuitive location. You won’t believe how easy it is to use now once you break three years of ingrained behavior!

Staying on the theme of improving our user interface, we have completely revamped the interface. We have moved our menu items around so they are now alphabetical. In addition, we added fuchsia to our palette because everyone agreed that blue is too sedate and doesn’t properly convey the power of SuperOld CMS.

We have finally added Desktop Sync to our suite. You can now work offline with a 75% confidence level that your work will be synched back into the core system. If you aren’t sure if your work was synched properly, we have a new section of our web application that will let you double check every action you have taken with sortable columns!

For administrators, we have made it easier to create custom interfaces for your users. Everything is now drag-and-drop and uses the latest version of Silverlight, a much needed improvement over the old system. While the auto-lookup feature has been discontinued and your existing forms will have to be recreated, we know that in the long-term, you will find the new interface dramatically better. Just be sure to take advantage of our new training offerings before you start.

To address security, we have improved encryption across the board. We listened to you on this one to provide the performance you required. Working closely with our beta customers, we were able to implement all the security required to meet the latest regulations with only a 30% impact on performance. This new add-on, SuperOld Security 1.0, is available immediately for SuperOld CMS 8.5. Just contact your Account Representative for pricing.

We know you are just going to love the new version!

Note: In conjunction with this release, we are dropping support for version 7.0 in six months. If you are one of the 50% of our customers that are still using SuperOld CMS 7.0, our professional services will be happy to help you upgrade to 8.5 for the low cost of your annual IT budget. You can try and do it yourself but make lots of backups and be sure to sacrifice a live chicken to your god of choice before beginning.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between the above features and real features is entirely coincidental. Any similarity between the product name and version number and any existing product is entirely your guilty conscience.

Content Management Step One, Capture that Information

A Cinnabon treatThere were a lot of disagreements on my view that Box or Dropbox will be a leader in Content Management in five years. Some were willing to concede that in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market it might be the case but not in larger Enterprises. To anyone relying on that argument, I suggest refreshing yourself on how disruptive technologies attack a market.

I want to take a moment to explain why one of them WILL be a player in the market. It all comes down to one simple point, they capture content.

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Box v Dropbox v Everyone

While I was at Alfresco, I made a point of ignoring the competition. I always believe that if you can’t win without saying something negative, don’t bother. On the flip side, I didn’t want to draw extra attention to the competition.

Don’t have any of those issues now.

Even though I was quiet, new things still happened. Recently both Box and Dropbox have been making some announcements. While I am not going to go into the details, plenty of people have done that already, I’m going to talk about why any of it matters.

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My Day on the Potomac

Picture of the PotomacYesterday I shared about my departure from Alfresco. As soon as I hit publish, I hit the trail. I drove over to Maryland to Great Falls with the intent of tackling the Billy Goat Trail. The trail isn’t hard, just something that lends itself to deciding it is time for a beer.

The trail is in three sections, A, B, and C. I didn’t name them, so don’t blame me. Each section begins and ends on the C&O Canal, giving you a couple chances to call it a day early.

Let me describe them for you.

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Saying Goodbye to Alfresco

Red Swingline StaplerAt this point, you don’t really need to read much more, but since you are likely the type to want to know more, I shall share. Alfresco and I have parted ways. I greatly enjoyed my time at Alfresco, I learned quite a bit, and I met some amazing people. Alfresco was my first return to a major vendor since the 90s and I enjoyed it. They have a solid vision, good people, and amazing technology. I will be watching their growth with interest.

As for me, I am free to fully explore my options, but first…a vacation.

Still working on the details of what that entails, but I am sure that one or two oceans will be involved. I haven’t had a real vacation in years as I’ve shifted from one job to another with no break twice now.

This time, I’m going to take some time to relax.

Of course, I cannot vacation forever. Even during my vacation, I will likely be sending posts up into the void and answering email. The joy will be doing it on my schedule.

As for afterwards? Some people have already asked me and I thought I would share where my brain is leading…

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Email, the Godzilla of the Enterprise

GodzillaI attended the Greater Washington, DC ARMA Spring Seminar recently and was able to participate in a lot of discussions around governing email. Even after all these years, many organizations don’t have email under control.

As I was sharing details from this event on twitter, I received an interesting response from Gina Minks over at Dell.

@piewords I thought email was dead?

I laughed a little at this response. We have all heard many times about email’s demise over the years. I realized…

When you get down to it, email isn’t going anywhere.

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Review: The Jawbone UP24

My UP24It isn’t often that I write a tech review. I reviewed a few tablets when the category was new, but new tablets are very unexciting. When I was given a Jawbone UP24 from Alfresco, I was very excited. I’m always interested in how I am doing in my healthy, and unhealthy, habits. I opened it up and dove right into the fun.

What have I learned? I don’t move around enough in my average work day. My sleep likely needs a lot of work. When someone tells me to relax, I do a really good job of it. More exercise should fix the first two problems and perpetuate the third.

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