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My name in the real world is Laurence Hart and I am a Director of Consulting Services at CGI Federal. I’ve been an Information Professional for over 2 decades and have worked with Alfresco, Documentum, SharePoint, Box, Sitecore, and many other solutions. I have led a wide-range of efforts including digital transformation, records management, BPM, and collaboration for the commercial, non-profit, and public sectors. I was recently inducted as an Honors Fellow by the Information Coalition.

A former CIO at AIIM, I help organizations develop and implement their content management and information governance strategies and solutions. My key focus is cutting through fluff, providing actionable advice, and solving the problem.

If you want to work with me, or simply chat, fire me an email at: Email: pie at wordofpie dot com

If you want to know more about what I’ve done check out my profile on LinkedIn. Note that if we have not met and/or chatted, I am unlikely to accept a request to connect on LinkedIn without a message from you explaining why. Always better to lead with email in that case.

About The Word of Pie

The Word is a place to learn and share thoughts about content management and the entire information universe. Other thoughts, concerns, and rants will be added as the feeling moves me. I am writing for the information professional, though some of my topics will resonate to a wider audience.

Everything here represents my own opinion unless clearly stated otherwise. I do this on my personal time for my own satisfaction. Nothing should be construed as specific advice as you have to pay for advice that goes beyond generalizations.

Why ‘Word of Pie’? It all stems from a college nickname. The full story, and the complete nickname for that matter, isn’t something for polite company. At this point it is just my brand name and it leads to the consumption of a lot of pie.

Note: I do moderate comments and will try to either post and/or respond to every comment. Any comments that seem more like a pitch for services/products than furthering the discussion will be removed.

I am on Twitter: @piewords. It isn’t purely technology as I throw off-topic thoughts out there as well.

Disclaimer and Rights

My basic, no questions asked, policy is incorporated in the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License (or you can look at the detailed legal version). Essentially, you can quote me all you like if you give me credit and don’t charge for it. If you are going charge someone to read my quote, get my permission first. I’m pretty agreeable and will probably just want to read what you wrote after publishing.

When in doubt, ask me.

Keeping the FTC Happy

In order to keep the FTC off of my back, here is a general disclaimer.  I receive no compensation for anything that I write here unless I specifically state otherwise.  Most reviews are things that I am reading or picking-up anyway.

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    Which of these is an ethical consideration associated with not following a comprehensive information governance program?
    Loss of reputation and trust

    The board of directors for an organization is not supporting the proposal to implement a new information management program. What are the most likely reasons for this lack of support? (Select all that apply)
    Conflicting business priorities competing for resources.
    The business drivers and benefits have not been sufficiently articulated.

    Which of these are the most influential drivers of process improvement? (Select all that apply)
    Changes to legal or regulatory requirements
    Competitive pressures in the marketplace

    A team has discovered inefficiencies in a particular business process and requires a solution to improve its efficiency. What will be your initial recommendation?
    Create a flowchart of the as-is process.

    Which would be most likely to be classified as a vital record?
    Disaster recovery plan

    What is required for a taxonomic or synonym search to perform well?
    Effective organization and categorization

    Some of your key project engineers have left the company in the midst of a large, complex project, resulting in significant delays while their replacements try to come up to speed using the outdated, cumbersome knowledge base. What practices can you put in place in order to best mitigate the loss of knowledge in a similar situation in the future? (Select all that apply)
    Have the engineers capture their thinking and decisions using a blog.
    Document lessons learned at regular intervals during the project.

    An insurance company wants to automate the claims processes to make it easier for customers and brokers. The processes integrate with many different applications and processes within the organization including sales, purchasing, and finance. What approach should the business analyst use in order to identify performance bottlenecks and issues?
    Process modeling

    When beginning an information management initiative, which of these activities should happen FIRST?
    Conduct a baseline organizational assessment.

    An organization conducts business in multiple countries. It needs to store both employee and customer data and make
    it available periodically to regulatory agencies. Which implementation approach would best meet the organization’s needs?

    What is the best way to retain a digital document to ensure it is authentic, trustworthy, and reliable?
    Save the document in a repository and apply access controls

    Which of these elements should be addressed in the communications plan for your information management project? (Select all that apply)
    Stakeholders and messages
    Delivery methods and channels
    Frequency of communication

    Which are examples of unpredictable work that adaptive case management is better suited for than process automation?
    (Select all that apply)
    Medical Care
    Customer Complaints
    Financial Audit

    Employees need to collaborate on documents. Which capability will ensure that nobody changes a document
    while a specific user is editing it?
    Check out and check in

    Why is it important to be able to explain how artificial intelligence tools came to particular decisions or recommendations? (Select all that apply)
    To comply with regulatory requirements for transparency
    To be able to review and improve the model

    Who should own and be accountable for establishing a data management framework at the enterprise level?
    The Data Governance Council as representatives of key business and IT units.

    Which of these approaches will most effectively demonstrate the value associated with improved information management to key stakeholders?
    Calculate the potential reduction in time to market for new products.

    What is the primary concern associated with sharing content with external parties?
    Content is difficult to control and manage once it’s been given to external parties

    A new client has come to you for help in digitizing many filing cabinets full of paper. The client has boxed up seven years of research grants in paper boxes labeled “Grants – Filing Cabinet”, “Grants – Filing Cabinet 2”, “Grants – Filing Cabinet 3” and so on. Which is the MOST important concept you need to express to them before their files are converted?
    the importance of indexing their content by applying metadata

    What are the most important roles of the business analyst in an information management initiative? (Select all that apply)
    Identify, gather, and communicate the requirements and needs.
    Analyze existing situations and recommend alternatives and solutions.
    Facilitate communication between the business and the solution team.

    Which information management process best supports an effective privacy program?
    Destroying personal information when no longer needed

    What is the best way to retain a document to ensure it is authentic, trustworthy, and reliable?
    Save the document in its native format and apply access controls

    Which approach would be most useful for identifying an employee with deep expertise in a particular area?
    Use a social graphing tool to identify who others seek out in that area of expertise

    What resource would identify how long to keep a particular type of information and what to do with it at the end of its lifecycle?
    The records retention schedule

    Which solution focuses primarily on documentation of evidence of transactions or decisions, and ensuring they are accessible
    throughout the business lifecycle of that information?
    Records management

    What is the most significant concern with using emulation as a digital preservation strategy?
    Emulation becomes increasingly complex and difficult to maintain over time

    An organization needs to maintain personnel records for 75 years and wants to store them in a digital format. Which file format is most suited to this use?

    Staff members complain that they struggle to find all relevant content as it is scattered in various systems. What would you suggest implementing as the most effective solution?
    Enterprise search

    What is the key differentiator for adaptive case management?
    Knowledge workers adapt the system to their needs as they work, instead of following preprogrammed processes.

    An organization needs to automate the process of press releases publishing in the PR department. The process starts with the author who writes the article, who then forwards it to the editor for editing. The editor then sends it to the manager for approval before publishing. Which process scenario would be most appropriate for this use case?

    What are the primary disadvantages of using email for document-centric collaboration? (Select all that apply)
    Messages can get lost in the volume of email most employees receive on a daily basis
    It’s difficult to keep track of the correct version when collaborating via attachments

    What are the primary characteristics of a successful categorization structure? (Select all that apply)
    It is concise.
    It is predictable.

    How should users determine where to store a particular type of information?
    In accordance with the systems of record identified in the governance framework

    A company has complex processes that span multiple applications and departments within the organization. Which technical approach would be most effective in ensuring efficient process flows between those processes?
    Business process management

    A multinational organization wants to implement a comprehensive content management solution. Which issue will MOST impact the technical design and implementation from an information governance perspective?
    Differing privacy and data protection requirements in different jurisdictions

    What is the value of the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS) as it applies to information management solutions?
    It enables the exchange and use of information between disparate information management applications.

    Which techniques would be most helpful to map and analyze an existing business process? (Select all that apply)
    Review existing process documentation and related procedures.
    Hold a workshop and have participants describe how they complete their tasks.
    Interview senior management to determine the significance of the process.

    Which is the most significant challenge associated with manual metadata entry?
    Users are not motivated or incentivized to enter metadata consistently.

    Your organization is subject to a court action and you have been ordered to place a legal hold on any potentially relevant information. You have identified information you believe to be relevant; what action will safeguard the evidentiary value of this information most effectively?
    Relevant documents should be locked from further editing or deletion

    You have determined there are various different regulatory requirements for you to keep inspection records, and that they need to be kept for either 3, 5, or 12 years depending on the regulatory requirement. What is the minimum retention period the records should be kept for?
    12 years

    What is the purpose of “swimlanes” or dividers in a flowchart?
    To identify responsibility for a particular task or activity

    What is the most important factor for improving enterprise search and findability?
    Effective organization of content and metadata fields

    Which proactive action should organizations take to help ensure that personal data is protected consistently?
    Design systems and services from the ground up with privacy in mind

    What is the primary purpose of the retention schedule?
    To define what information is to be managed as records and what happens at the end of the lifecycle

    An organization needs to improve its internal collaboration processes. What enterprise content management capabilities will best support these processes? (Select all that apply)
    Access controls
    Version control
    Change history

    What are the key benefits associated with workload balancing? (Select all that apply)
    It helps avoid process bottlenecks.
    It improves resource usage and allocation.

    When considering the automation of a departmental process, what is one of the most overlooked aspects
    of the planning phase?
    Understanding the impact changes will have in related processes.

    How long should backup tapes and other similar media be retained?
    As short a period as required for disaster recovery & business continuity

    Which of these would constitute financially quantifiable data? (Select all that apply)
    Changes in offsite storage costs
    Changes in sales and revenue per employee

    What actions are necessary to develop a retention schedule? (Select all that apply)
    Defining the disposition activities required at the end of the lifecycle
    Defining the period of time that a record is active before applying retention

    A virtual team spans multiple time zones such that not everyone can be on at the same time. Which tool would be most useful to ensure information is exchanged consistently between everyone on the team?

    What is the preferred format for capturing born-digital content?
    A standard-based format

    Why is metadata management important to the organization?
    It ensures that information is findable and can be managed effectively.

    What is the most important reason for limiting the amount of metadata to be captured?
    Because it takes too much time for users to provide and maintain metadata

    Users are complaining that it is hard for them to find all relevant content for particular subject areas, such as accounting regulations or data analytics. How would you recommend that the company best address this?
    Introduce the concept of labeling/tagging to allow users to create and search their own subject areas.

    What are the key strengths of enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) solutions compared to traditional enterprise content management (ECM) solutions? (Select all that apply)
    Collaboration across organizational boundaries
    Simplicity and usability

    Why is it important to review the information governance program with senior management? (Select all that apply)
    To take into account changes in the legal or operational environment
    To ensure the program is meeting senior management’s expectations
    To make sure that any issues are addressed and corrective actions are effective

    Which of these represent symptoms of poor information governance? (Select all that apply)
    Information is kept for excessive periods of time, beyond its usefulness to the organization
    Responses to legal or regulatory inquiries require significant time and expense
    Information exists in many locations, versions, and copies across the organization

    What are the most significant challenges associated with sharing metadata across different information repositories? (Select all that apply)
    Some parts of the organization may use different terms for the same concept.
    Metadata may be structured differently in different repositories.

    Which information gathering approaches work best for identifying bottlenecks within a given business process? (Select all that apply)
    Process modeling

    What is the main purpose of conducting an information management maturity assessment?
    To measure the information management capabilities of the business

    Which of the following are valid factors for determining records retention requirements? (Select all that apply)
    Legal or regulatory requirements
    Statutes of limitations
    Administrative or operational needs

    Why is email more challenging to manage compared to other types of information formats? (Select all that apply)
    The high volume of email messages users send and receive on a daily basis.
    The granularity, informality, and lack of structure present in most emails.

    What are the key benefits to using a formal taxonomy? (Select all that apply)
    It helps users understand what is included and excluded for a particular domain.
    It provides a controlled vocabulary and identifies preferred terms for a concept.

    Which tools would be most valuable in assessing the existing state of an organization’s information management program? (Select all that apply)
    An information and systems inventory
    A maturity model

    The marketing department creates content in a variety of formats including audio and video. Which technology solution would allow them to manage and reuse this content most effectively?
    Digital asset management

    What significant challenges do users face when using enterprise search? (Select all that apply)
    Duplication of search results from multiple repositories
    Inability to access search results based on different access control settings

    Andy’s company has decided to switch to a different enterprise content management solution. As part of the migration, Andy recommends conducting an information inventory. What is the primary value of the inventory to this project?
    To identify what information exists, in what formats, and how it is used

    What are the primary business benefits associated with effective metadata usage? (Select all that apply)
    It improves the findability of digital information.
    It assists to manage digital information more efficiently.

    An organization develops a metadata model to improve management of its information assets, but realizes that staff members enter many different values for the required metadata elements. How can the organization best address this issue?
    By implementing controlled vocabularies for those fields.

    What elements should be part of the senior management review of the information governance initiative? (Select all that apply)
    Status of actions from previous reviews
    Results of monitoring and audits

    An organization wants a solution to allow multiple users to edit a document simultaneously without interfering with each other’s changes. Which solution would best meet their needs?

    An organization is considering whether to migrate some information from paper to digital format. Which type of information should be converted first?
    Documents that are actively retrieved on an ongoing basis

    What are the primary principles that an effective flowchart should follow? (Select all that apply)
    The flowchart should start with a trigger.
    The flowchart should end with some type of output.
    Each decision in the flowchart should be resolved.

    Which kinds of information are most likely to be considered personal data under most privacy laws? (Select all that apply)
    Physical, physiological, or medical information
    IP address or geolocational information

    You are presenting the business case for a new information management solution. What is the most important aspect to communicate to the project sponsor?
    The organizational benefits expected from the new solution

    What are the benefits of automating records functions? (Select all that apply)
    Ability to better meet compliance directives
    More complete and consistent capture of business records

    Pascale is being mentored by her colleague who will be retiring soon. She was given a lot of documentation to read and study but she finds more helpful the type of knowledge she is getting from her mentor while working side by side every day. What is the name given to this type of knowledge?
    Tacit knowledge

    After the implementation of a case management tool, it was determined that metadata fields were not being filled in automatically.
    This was observed as a defect. What is most likely to be the cause?
    System requirements were not well captured.

    Your business case for the development of an Information management program has been approved and funding is now available. What is the FIRST thing that you should do to understand the situation for the enterprise?
    Review the legal, regulatory, and operational environment

    Your organization is required to retain certain personnel-related documents for a minimum of 50 years. Which approach will likely be most effective to ensure the documents are accessible for that period?
    Convert the documents to PDF/A

    What is the highest long-term cost and therefore the most important cost to analyze when justifying the implementation of a new information system?

    What is the most important consideration when migrating digital records with lengthy retention periods?
    Ensuring that the digital records remain usable throughout the information lifecycle

    Which types of data have no business value to the organization and should be prioritized for disposition? (Select all that apply)

    When developing a multichannel capture strategy, which potential capture sources should be included? (Select all that apply)
    Smart phones
    Multifunction devices

    What are the key benefits associated with buying a taxonomy instead of building one from scratch? (Select all that apply)
    The taxonomy can be deployed more quickly.
    The taxonomy is more applicable to organizations within a particular industry.

    What are the most significant challenges associated with the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI)? (Select all that apply)
    Having a well-curated collection of data to train the AI solution
    Data quality issues due to errors or biases

    How can metadata be extracted directly from a digital document? (Select all that apply)
    By reading metadata and file properties embedded directly in the document
    Through the use of optical character recognition technologies

    HR department staff and management have expressed concerns that they cannot find their content, and when they do, they don’t know whether it’s the right version. They have an existing content management system but they believe that it is not useful and does not meet their needs. What is the FIRST step to take to address these concerns?
    Investigate the system to determine its capabilities and how it is used.

    What are the most significant challenges associated with collecting information from external sources that are not under the direct control of the organization? (Select all that apply)
    Verifying the authenticity of the collected information
    How to actually collect information given the variety of devices and applications


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