About the Word

My name in the real world is Laurence Hart and I am a Director of Consulting Services at CGI Federal. I’ve been an Information Professional for over 2 decades and have worked with Alfresco, Documentum, SharePoint, Box, Sitecore, and many other solutions. I have led a wide-range of efforts including digital transformation, records management, BPM, and collaboration for the commercial, non-profit, and public sectors. I was recently inducted as an Honors Fellow by the Information Coalition.

A former CIO at AIIM, I help organizations develop and implement their content management and information governance strategies and solutions. My key focus is cutting through fluff, providing actionable advice, and solving the problem.

If you want to work with me, or simply chat, fire me an email at: Email: pie at wordofpie dot com

If you want to know more about what I’ve done check out my profile on LinkedIn. Note that if we have not met and/or chatted, I am unlikely to accept a request to connect on LinkedIn without a message from you explaining why. Always better to lead with email in that case.

About The Word of Pie

The Word is a place to learn and share thoughts about content management and the entire information universe. Other thoughts, concerns, and rants will be added as the feeling moves me. I am writing for the information professional, though some of my topics will resonate to a wider audience.

Everything here represents my own opinion unless clearly stated otherwise. I do this on my personal time for my own satisfaction. Nothing should be construed as specific advice as you have to pay for advice that goes beyond generalizations.

Why ‘Word of Pie’? It all stems from a college nickname. The full story, and the complete nickname for that matter, isn’t something for polite company. At this point it is just my brand name and it leads to the consumption of a lot of pie.

Note: I do moderate comments and will try to either post and/or respond to every comment. Any comments that seem more like a pitch for services/products than furthering the discussion will be removed.

I am on Twitter: @piewords. It isn’t purely technology as I throw off-topic thoughts out there as well.

Disclaimer and Rights

My basic, no questions asked, policy is incorporated in the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License (or you can look at the detailed legal version). Essentially, you can quote me all you like if you give me credit and don’t charge for it. If you are going charge someone to read my quote, get my permission first. I’m pretty agreeable and will probably just want to read what you wrote after publishing.

When in doubt, ask me.

Keeping the FTC Happy

In order to keep the FTC off of my back, here is a general disclaimer.  I receive no compensation for anything that I write here unless I specifically state otherwise.  Most reviews are things that I am reading or picking-up anyway.

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