Heading to the Information Governance Exchange

Recently I’ve begun filling my Fall conference calendar. I always enjoy attending conferences because it is a great way to test my ideas and to hear new ones. The best conferences leave me with fresh perspectives and concepts that I want to try out immediately.

I always enjoy returning to some conferences, like AIIM and Monktoberfest, because I know that I will get value from my fellow attendees. New conferences are different experience. They provide an opportunity to meet and interact with a new community. The first week of September, I am trying one such conference located here in Washington, DC, the Information Governance Exchange.

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Conferences of Ideas, Imagination, Passion, and Inspiration

I have attended a lot of conferences and events over the course of my career. The last year alone was busy with conferences hosted by vendors, analyst firms, associations, and motivated people. After watching a particularly busy conference week on twitter I realized something.

Most vendor conferences stink.

Seriously. Most are simply training. You go for product updates and see what is coming down the road. Even if you filter through the marketing, you only get facts on how to make the tool do the job better. You don’t actually become better.

As for the other conferences, there is a lot of variation. The key variable? Great conferences are about ideas, imagination, passion, and inspiration.

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