Composite Content Applications, Dispelling the Case Management Confusion

I’ve been working on a cool post about some positive content technology coming from EMC, but that needs more time to gel as I play with the tech, so I’m following-up with a post about where some of the focus on Case Management within EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG) originated.

During Rick’s keynote at EMC World last week, he stated that Composite Content Applications (CCAs) were equivalent to Case Management.  At that point, I had my second “You gotta be kidding me!” moment of the conference.  It helped solidify the feelings in my analysis of the “strategy” at IIG.image

In later conversations, I learned that line of thought came from Gartner.  At first it was a guess, but then it was confirmed.  I decided against covering this point in my previous post because I hadn’t read the source material, and I didn’t want to accuse EMC falsely.

Well since then, I’ve gotten to read three reports on the topic, and I can say that EMC got it wrong.  The reports I read are:

Let’s look at the reports briefly, starting with the list of ten.

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Vision, Strategy, Tactics…1 Out of 3 for EMC

I came to EMC World with a few goals, foremost of which was to see if EMC had a vision for Content Management.  Ten years ago, the vision was ECM.  That vision drove the industry for a decade.  Now people are looking around and asking what is next.  They are looking to the leaders in the industry for answers.

EMC had no answers to give, at least publicly.

I talked to a LOT of people all week.  I talked to customers, partners, and employees of EMC.  I bounced ideas, I listened to impressions, and I sought to make sure that what I saw, or thought I saw, wasn’t just me…

…and it wasn’t.  Not by a long-shot.

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Documentum Renewal: Architecting Content Applications

Of all my posts in this series, this is the one that is probably the least needed.  I say this because it looks like EMC is some of this now.  It does need to be said though, just so EMC know that we still care, and in case I am guessing wrong.  The themes for the Architecting of Content Applications is closely related to the Application Separation topic and in many ways, is the complement to the Focus on the Core edition.

I’m going to stay away from some specific feature requests for applications.  I would want to do complete run-downs on any app before I did that.  I want to be a little more strategic in my advice.

As always, please feel free to add/comment.

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EMC World 2009: Beyond D6.5, A Product Roadmap

This is being presented by Frank Chao this morning.  It is a third day, 8am session, by design. This is typically a useful session that I prefer to see on the first day so I can better plan my conference, but they probably figure that attendance is lower so less people will hear it. This session’s slides are almost never published, so this is a can’t miss.

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