EMC World 2010: Mark Lewis Keynote

This is the event I have been waiting for all day.  Mark Lewis is going to talk and hopefully share the story behind the new name for the Content Management and Archiving Group, the Information Intelligence Group.

Remember, just notes now, later I’ll analyze after I have follow-up discussions.

  • Mentioned the reason Documentum was founded was in order to help cure cancer.
    • Reference count: II
  • Purpose of IIG: Maximum leverage from your Information to give a distinct business advantage.
  • Information at the “heart” of what people do.
    • Lots of it (35ZB)
    • mostly Unstructured (95%)
    • Mostly unmanaged (85%), but about 85% of it should be unmanaged.
    • More regulations around managing this Information
    • By 2020, 33% of it will either live or pass-through the “cloud”
  • Information with People and the Right Process: Information Intelligence Group
    • Content Management and Archiving still at foundation, but doesn’t define the Group
    • Five Product Families
    • Name is a symbol of change to-date, not just future
  • 1: Intelligent Information Governance (SourceOne umbrella)
    • Archiving
    • Compliance/Records Management
    • Search and eDiscovery
    • Announcing SourceOne for MS SharePoint, works for 2010 and coming later in Q2
  • 2: Intelligent Case Management (xCP): New home for the Documentum platform
  • 3: Intelligent Information Access
    • Access Your Way: Desktop, Offline, Explorer, Outlook, SharePoint, CenterStage
    • MyDocumentum and CenterStage
  • 4: Intelligent Enterprise Capture (Captiva)
  • 5: Intelligent Customer Communications (Document Sciences)
    • Web Experience Management (FatWire) fits here as well
  • Partnership with SAP. (details to be announced next week at SAP Conference, SAPPHIRE)
    • Solutions this quarter
  • Strategic Alliance & Partnership with Informatica announcement coming later this week.
    • Address the 5% of structured information
  • Long-term vision is to move things to the cloud.
    • Private Cloud: Search is getting “fixed” for VMs by Q3.
    • Going to build xCP and other things in public cloud for future use, will make config/customizations move readily from data center to private cloud to public cloud.

Going to the Architecture session next, though not sure I can focus.  Lots to digest and think about.


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9 thoughts on “EMC World 2010: Mark Lewis Keynote

  1. Chris Campbell says:

    This year’s talk was much along the same lines as last year… but with a different group title. Not that it’s bad. On the contrary, it shows that it’s a consistent message. Most of the time, name changes are just buzz words to be hip. I don’t get that in this instance. Along with FatWire and their Web Experience Management, you do get the feeling that they all *believe* in the meaning behind the words. The name change the way I see it is a culmination of what they’ve been doing the past two or three years.

    BTW, when are they going to get Victor a friggin’ keynote? He has the most popular session of the entire conference. I mean… c’mon! Give this man a stage! The room is already standing room only. EVERYONE left the keynote to come here. Would have been easier to just stay put and let Mark be the opening act for the main event. 😉

    Hope you found a chair!


  2. Chris Campbell says:

    I typed as fast as I could but it’s fairly complete. Victor had more content in his slides than he talked about. I type fairly fast, but he had so much that my hands were cramping. I’ll email you the file when I get back to the hotel.


  3. Ben says:

    I think the xCP focus is being overdone. Most of my clients are knowledge workers, and case based solutions aren’t that good a fit. A lot of them use (and love) eRoom as well, so I think I’m going to have an “interesting” year.


  4. Good coverage… thx. I tried to get to Victor’s session myself and was able to listen to his session standing. I will share the notes I have for everyone to enjoy.


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