EMC World 2009: Beyond D6.5, A Product Roadmap

This is being presented by Frank Chao this morning.  It is a third day, 8am session, by design. This is typically a useful session that I prefer to see on the first day so I can better plan my conference, but they probably figure that attendance is lower so less people will hear it. This session’s slides are almost never published, so this is a can’t miss.

  • Foundation
    • Remember, things change in software development
    • Quality Improvement
      • Controlled Release (Partners!?!), extra bar for product release
      • General Availability releases
      • Has changed all the roadmaps
    • Product Roadmap Governance
    • Roadmap Information today bound to 2009
    • D7 is NOT 2009
      • Some original D7 pieces are coming out in D6.5 service packs
      • Will be 2010
  • D6.5 update
    • Over 50% of the D6+ production systems use Windows
    • D6+ database usage is ~25% SQL Server, 54% Oracle
    • Tomcat, followed by WebLogic are the dominant applications server
    • Important to note that most people aren’t at D6_
    • (20 minutes into the presentation, just a lot of back-patting so far)
  • Knowledge Worker
    • My Documentum and CenterStage (See my notes on each)
    • Not planning any new/updated integration with Lotus Notes
    • Blackberry support with CenterStage this year
    • Workflow is not in the new Outlook client and CenterStage initially due to time/resource (Way to not play to your strengths
    • CenterStage 1.0 early June CR, GA in Q3
    • CenterStage 1.1 Q4 2009 for GA which includes Data Tables
    • My Documentum CR Q3 and GA as a full suite in Q4
  • Transactional Content Management
    • Focusing on Case Management
    • xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) – Was Case Management Framework a few weeks ago
      • Configuration modules
      • Sample applications
      • Bundle of applications/components
      • Licensing is going to be simplified (I’ll believe it when I see it)
    • Captiva, 6.5 coming soon
      • Unofficially, Oracle support will be coming (Frank keeps talking about Captiva as a separate entity)
      • Globalization is a focus in 2010 for 6.5 release
    • Dynamic Communications Services – xPression Suite 6.5
      • Tighter Documentum Integration
        • Batch speed ingestion
        • Query based retrieval in real time
        • Include external Word dos at runtime
      • IRM integration
      • Enhance Forms Integration
    • xCP in CR, GA in Q3 2009
    • xPression 6.5 GA Q4 2009
  • Interactive Content Management
    • Analytics in 2010+
    • New Contributor User Interface in Q3 2009
    • Dynamic Delivery, IDS/IDSx 6.5
      • Net new technology
    • Both GA in Q3 2009
  • Compliance
    • DocControl Manager (DCM) 6.5
      • Watermarking, Overlays, e-Signatures (now internal code)
      • Initial entry into SOA
    • RM
      • MoReq cert 2010
      • CommonWealth Edition (Australia) in mid-year 2009
  • Platform
    • Captiva taking advantage of High-Volume server is 2010
    • ESS is internal Beta in Q3 and Customer Beta in Q4

Coffee, followed by a snack as I skipped breakfast.  Then I’m not sure as I want to see Victor’s presentation on Craig’s topic, but there are other things I want to accomplish and time is ticking down here at the conference.


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All statements about the future of EMC products and strategy are subject to change at any time due to a large variety of factors.

4 thoughts on “EMC World 2009: Beyond D6.5, A Product Roadmap

  1. Chris Campbell says:

    I made it a point to bring up the question during the session about the lack of workflow capability in DCO and CenterStage. I totally see their point-of-view; I have questions if they are seeing my viewpoint. There has been lots of talk around collaboration, but isn’t workflow a major part of that? If you want to play catchup to MS, don’t forget to include your major strength. It’s coming in later releases, but many people can’t wait that long. And I’m disappointed that features in 5.3 would be removed in 6.5 only to be re-added later.

    Let’s hope that the reusable services concept takes hold and other EMC dev teams share more code between themselves to speed up development. Time to head back in.


    • It was a great question and a definite flaw. The gap extends to the Content Services for SharePoint. They need to add workflow and BPM to everything.


  2. Lee Smith says:

    Did they say much on the Moreq compliance? It is some way from that at the moment and I am not sure full compliance is something which I would advocate.


    • I learned separately that they are working on MoReq 2 and are trying for next year. It is far away, so we will have to wait and see.


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