EMC World 2010: The Information Advantage for Solving Today’s Business Problems

Time for some more information gathering on the direction of the IIG group.  Rick Devenuti, the COO, is a good speaker, so it will be interesting how the messaging comes through today.

  • Mission is still: “Help our customers get maximum leverage from their information”
    • Save Money
    • Reduce Risk
    • Increase Agility
  • Use the Net Promoter Survey.  Score = # of promoters (9,10) – Detractors (0-6)
    • Not happy with score, working on it
    • Quality is an issue
    • Meeting of business requirements is other issue
  • Focus on Enterprise Quality: Controlled Release Process
    • Product development internal release criteria are met
    • Committed features are delivered
    • Internal deployment of solution (applies to 90% of products)
    • Successful deployment with late-stage beta customers
  • No new features in Service Packs
  • Rigid Roadmap for next 18 months.  50% of dev time to must-have features, rest on bugs and additional features.  This was to stop the frequent changes to roadmaps, meet delivery dates, and improve quality.
  • Gartner:
    • Composite Content Apps (He said it equates to Case Management, but it comes from CEVA)
    • Cloud-base CM
    • Enterprise Information Management
    • eDiscovery
    • Enhanced Search/Content Analytics
    • Legacy Information Management
    • Next Gen Web content
    • Share Services
    • SharePoint for Content Management
    • Video Content Management
  • Case: A collection of unstructured and structure (1)processes, (2)information, and (3)interactions that needs to be orchestrated to make an optimal business decision.
  • Primary Investments, in order listed:
    • Case Management (xCP)
    • eDiscovery (Kazeon)
    • Legacy Information Management
      • Source One eDiscover – Kazeon
      • xDB for Application Retirement
      • Documentum Content Server and RPS
    • Next-Gen WCM (FatWire and Web Experience Management)
  • Partner of the year announcements.
  • EMC’s additions to Gartner’s list.
    • A Strategy for Information Governance
    • File Remediation
    • SharePoint
      • Strategy is about embracing and enhancing SP, two-fold
      • Existing: My Documentum for SharePoint and Documentum Repository Services
      • SourceOne for SharePoint

As an aside, this quote is from my 2009 Gartner post.  Read the MQ report for more information.

Composite Content Applications: Say goodbye to CEVAs (Content Enabled Vertical Applications), CCAs are here. While I’m not sold on the word “Composite”, I’m very happy to see the word “Vertical” removed.  Composite addresses the desire for mash-up applications with content, and the Restful services that vendors are throwing out there support this quite well. The term just seems to pass over the content-enabled aspect of some “integrations” where you are just managing the content in the ERP or CRM system.

Heading to the Documentum Client overview as I was told to attend by several EMC people last night.


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All statements about the future of EMC products and strategy are subject to change at any time due to a large variety of factors.

5 thoughts on “EMC World 2010: The Information Advantage for Solving Today’s Business Problems

    • It is an approach, and consulting offering, that looks at your legacy applications, imports the data into XDB, and uses DSS to provide access to the data. As a result, you can then retire the legacy application.

      It is an evolving offering, but not a product. They appear to still be working on the messaging for it. It is actually a nice concept and offering if they can develop it a little more.


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