The Mark Lewis Keynote and Other Videos

Quick post, but I wanted to share a couple of things….

So the statement that I heard that started the downward spiral at EMC World/Momentum, was one word (technically 2, but “of” doesn’t really count) off.  That is, what I told people I heard is what I thought I heard, but I missed an important word.  Here is the quote:

What most of you did who are using ECM was building Case Management.

I didn’t hear the word “Most”.  As some with EMC insisted that wasn’t what Mark said, I didn’t include that statement in my initial post. The goal hasn’t been to cause a riot, but to provide feedback.  Mind you, this “revelation” doesn’t change the message that followed or the product family being called Intelligent Case Management, but it set the frame of mind.  Mind you, the statement is still not true for me, but it isn’t definitive.  He could easily be 51%, 80%, or 99%.

Here is the keynote in five parts.  You can view the quote itself in Part 2, at the 7:20 mark.  You should watch the whole thing though and not focus on any single line.  I was just trying to get the quote right.

Part 2:

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Composite Content Applications, Dispelling the Case Management Confusion

I’ve been working on a cool post about some positive content technology coming from EMC, but that needs more time to gel as I play with the tech, so I’m following-up with a post about where some of the focus on Case Management within EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG) originated.

During Rick’s keynote at EMC World last week, he stated that Composite Content Applications (CCAs) were equivalent to Case Management.  At that point, I had my second “You gotta be kidding me!” moment of the conference.  It helped solidify the feelings in my analysis of the “strategy” at IIG.image

In later conversations, I learned that line of thought came from Gartner.  At first it was a guess, but then it was confirmed.  I decided against covering this point in my previous post because I hadn’t read the source material, and I didn’t want to accuse EMC falsely.

Well since then, I’ve gotten to read three reports on the topic, and I can say that EMC got it wrong.  The reports I read are:

Let’s look at the reports briefly, starting with the list of ten.

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A Fistful of Dollars, Looking Back on EMC World/Momentum 2010

Last year’s recap theme was a wonderful Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  I made the mistake of starting with the third chapter of the trilogy, so I am going with the first one for this year’s theme.image

This is more than just a desire to keep with a theme.  Like the movie, I kept switching sides at this conference.  I would spend time at EMC World events and venues, followed by stints hanging out and experiencing the world of Momentum, the Documentum/IIG side of the house.  There where even two hashtags for twitter, #emcworld and #mmtm10.

When you think about it, the separate feeling is a good thing.  It sure was for Clint.

So I am going to look at the conference from the two sides of the conference.

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EMC World 2010: Documentum Architecture Overview

Victor Spivak gave his annual overview of the architecture, and I missed it.  I was chatting with people, got to the room late, and realized that there was no room.

Never fear! Chris Campbell took notes and is going to guest post a few session notes here at the Word.  Happy to have him.  If you see him, thank him.  Same disclaimer will apply.

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