When Does the Software Vendor Matter?

Recently I wrote a post discussing the importance of the selecting an implementation Partner in the success of a Content Management project. I even went a little off of the proverbial deep end by stating:

Software is Secondary

For the first project, assuming you pick a vendor doesn’t significantly mislead you, success isn’t going to be defined by the product you select.

For someone who works at Alfresco, a Content Management vendor, this seems a little crazy even if it is true. The key words in that statement are “first project”. The reality is that the Content Management System (CMS) you select is going to have a much longer life than the time it takes to implement your first project.

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ECM Industry Goals: Start with Yourself

In the last few weeks while I’ve been on a writing (thought not working) sabbatical, I’ve been surprised by a confluence of events and activities that have all tied together.  The common theme can best be summed-up in one question:

Where do you want to be in 5+ years?

This is an important question for people, organizations, and for the ECM industry.  I’m going to start with people first because all of my readers happen to fall in that category.

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