Capgemini’s SharePoint and Documentum Road Show

A fan favorite at the last two Momentum conferences (US Session Notes) has been the “Better Together” presentation.  The show has arrived in DC today for two showings from Andrew Chapman (EMC) and Jon Ludwig (Capgemini).  I decided to catch the 9:30 showing and see what all the fuss was about (though I think I knew).

Going to take notes conference style.  So usual disclaimers apply.  I will invariably type something wrong, so I’ll take full blame.  If it is italics inside of the notes, it represents my thoughts, not those of the presenters.

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EMC and Mark Lewis’ Focus on Return on Information

In my previous post, I shared a copy of Mark Lewis’ CMA keynote presentation from EMC World 2009. It made me realize that I needed to crank out this post on EMC’s vision and Mark Lewis’ delivery of that vision. This is going to be a little devoid of facts for a couple of reasons.  One is that the raw facts are captured in the presentation, SlideShare and YouTube, and in my notes. The second is that no vision was delivered at EMC World!!!

The Missing Vision

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SourceOne, EMC’s Worst Guarded Secret Arrives

For months, upon months, I’ve been hearing about SourceOne. Multiple friends at EMC occasionally let the name drop, while others would talk about something coming up and I would say, You mean SourceOne? I eventually learned what it was, but I had to be quiet.  I told some clients, soon EMC will have an nice eDiscovery option for you, but in the meantime, these are your choices.

When I was up at AIIM, they made the announcement, held a fancy webcast or two, and posted material for all to see. Was it worth the wait?

What the Heck is SourceOne?

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