EMC World 2009: CMA Keynote

Time to hear Mark Lewis. I’m going to try and resist commentary and hold-off until I have a chance to talk to Mark later today. Mark is a good guy, smart, and knows his stuff. I’m sure this will be up on YouTube later, and I’ll link directly then.

(Now on SlideShare and YouTube)

  • Focus is Delivering ROI (Solid recession topic)
  • “I’m here to make you money, save you money, and help you keep your money”
  • Focus is not on Vision, but on what is here now.
  • ROI=Return on Information
  • 1.8 Zetabytes of information, 95% unstructured and 85%  is unmanaged.
  • Information Governance (1 of 6 focus areas, though only 5 shown on the slides)
    • Compliance
    • Solutions are going from Application Centric to Information Centric
    • Information is going from Static Placement to Dynamic Movement
    • Points to the SourceOne ROI calculator
    • EMC saw payback from SourceOne in 7 months and saved 60% on storage costs
  • Information Centric Applications (2 of 6)
    • Composition
    • Static “Coded” Applications going to Dynamic “Composite” Applications, Composing the “music”
    • Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform – Case Management Framework renamed
    • Composite Business Applications are 50% more cost effective
  • Information Connectivity (3 of 6)
    • Customer-Centricity
    • Silo’d repositories to Consolidated repositories and now to Federated
    • Virtual Information Management
    • Federated Search and RM (Virtual Retention Management)
    • Master Content Management – future thing (Sounds like SkyNet)
  • Information Access (4 of 6)
    • Collaboration
    • Office access to Anywhere access
    • One user interface to any interface
    • Team to Community to Extended Enterprise Collaboration
    • Workstyle Diversity = Productivity
    • Blackberry client coming this year
  • Information and Infrastructure (5 of 6)
    • Cloud
    • Physical frameworks to Virtual frameworks
    • Cloud “Layers” (The foresee the All Encompassing Fog is going to roll over the audience)
      • Infrastructure – VMWare vSphere
      • Services – EMC ATMOS – Amazon S3
      • Environments – Windows Azure
      • Applications – MS Office Online – Google Apps
    • Content Services for SalesForce.com
  • CMA ranks higher in customer satisfaction when compared to other units in EMC (Are people happy or are the storage users upset?)

Okay, time for more coffee and then to hear Andrew Chapman do his SharePoint Deep Dive.


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3 thoughts on “EMC World 2009: CMA Keynote

  1. Chris Campbell says:

    I think that there might have been 6 areas in an earlier version of the presentation, but was later simplified or cut down to 5. I caught him saying there was six as well and spent thirty seconds making sure my basic math skills I learned when I was three (counting to ten) was still intact.

    Reminds me of the movie “History of the World: Part I” where Moses comes down from the mountain. SCENE: (Moses approaches holding three large stone tablets.)

    MOSES: I bring you these 15 Commandments!

    (Moses fumbles and drops one of the three stone tablets. It shatters into pieces.)

    MOSES: Ten! Ten Commandments!


    • Funny, and probably accurate. I’m sure that the removal of the 6th point was far less life-altering than the removal of those 5 commandments.


  2. Looks like they keep deleting the FTP information. I’ll see if EMC can find another place to host the files.



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