EMC World 2010: IIG Cloud Computing Roundtable

Skipping Documentum Search Services (coming in Q3) in order to hear what EMC is planning around the cloud for content management.  Not sure how much slide content v discussion there will be, but we will see.

  • Una Kearns-Moderator, Muddu Sudhakar (Kazeon founder), Amotz Maimon, John McCormick, Paul O’Brien
  • Lots of futures in here, not a roadmap, looking for feedback
  • Strategy is two-fold (public/private)
    • Aimed to move the business to the cloud
    • Connectivity for apps across both clouds and a hybrid.
  • Cloud options:
    • On premise: Data centers (not really cloud)
    • Private Cloud on premise: Virtualization (Documentum there when DSS released)
    • Service Provider Model: apps with multi-tenancy support, tenant isolation & branding (old ASP model)
    • Public Cloud: self-service model on public clouds with full support for elasticity, data/metadata isolation, and protection
  • Primary focus is for VMWare for Private Clouds, not other virtualization technology
  • Public Cloud
    • Intend to build many IIG capabilities for Public Cloud, 1st are Information Governance and xCP (PaaS)
    • Applications/Platform will be:
      • Multitenant
      • Compliant and secure for public cloud
      • Elasticity in various forms (front-end, processing, persistence layers)
      • Allow interface, use and management of SaaS (public Cloud and on premise application information
    • Not a simple move, changing things for the cloud (Good, it won’t work as it is built now)

Hit the discussion stage.  Will include the thoughts in a real post later.  Done for the day, though I have some notes from others to present.


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