EMC World 2010: Documentum Clients Overview, The New Face of ECM

Lance Shaw is going to present on the Documentum clients.  Last night, I was told repeatedly to come to this session to learn more about the non-Case Management.  I was actually coming anyway, but let’s see what happens.

  • Stats:
    • Every 18 months, the amount of information doubles.
    • 32.1 billion on governance and compliance activities in 2008
    • 72% will increase spend on ECM in 2010 (IDC)
  • Says ECM has changed (um yeah)
    • Accelerated Info Growth
    • Compliance Complexity
    • User Expectations: User acceptance is critical
  • IT knows who the users are, but not how they use tech
  • Hitting Mark’s point of having content your way
  • My Documentum suite of products (Not just re-branded)
    • For Desktop (formerly File Share Services): good for Macs
    • Office Integration
    • For SharePoint (This is the web-parts based product)
    • For Outlook (replacing Documentum Client for Outlook)
    • Offline
    • For Desktop
      • CenterStage integration
      • Adding: Mas OS 10.6 support, 64-bit environments, Search
    • For SAP
  • Goal is right features for the right interface.
  • CenterStage is the non-“My Documentum” client
  • Federated policies /RM to reach out to other systems (wow, logos from other companies)
    • Provides common information infrastructure
  • IRM Solutions are not in the roadmap for the Offline Client. They need more use-cases. (If you have a business case, ad a comment)

Love Lance, fun guy and entertaining. Not much new since last year, except many of the products are either now out or almost out.  Last year, they were heavy in the limited release black hole.

Search Server is next, after some caffeine.


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4 thoughts on “EMC World 2010: Documentum Clients Overview, The New Face of ECM

  1. Lee Smith says:

    More good stuff Pie. Thanks for the updates. Is WDK now confirmed as heading for retirement? What about the RM stuff, if Taskspace is the UI of choice for Case Management then it still did not fully support RM features last time I tried.

    I hope the message is coherent, doesn’t like it at the moment.



    • The TaskSpace client is considered part of the xCP product grouping. WDK sounds like it is going to be around for a while, so don’t expect the WDK-based clients to vanish for some time.


      • Lee Smith says:

        Good, would like to see a strategy though. It would be good to have an idea where they intend to move to…even if it doesn’t have timescales.


      • A strategy? I’ll see what I can find out about the WDK for you. It is around for a while. xCP 2.0 will be off of WDK in theory from what I heard.


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