EMC World 2009: EMC Documentum CenterStage – The New Standard for Extended Enterprise Collaboration

Didn’t do any sessions during the second slot, everything was standing room only when I got there, at least the ones I card about. Going to take some time to see what David Le Strat has to say about CenterStage. I have a lot of eRoom clients that are anxious to move to CenterStage, when it is ready for them.

  • “CenterStage: Bringing the proper balance between empowerment and control”
  • Essentials (free client once you own Content Server)
    • Team Workspaces
    • Access controls
    • Lifecycles
    • Workflows (Was listed on the slides, but see the comments below)
  • Pro…Essentials Plus
    • Advanced Search and discovery
    • Wikis blogs, RSS feeds, tagging
    • Component-based UI
    • Data Tables (v1.1) formerly Databases in eRoom (Better name with Data Tables)
    • Personal profiles (v1.5)
  • Space-level policy controls address Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) by automating lifecycle of a space
  • Add member from across the extended enterprise without updating LDAP or Active Directory
  • Mobile version of the client in Version 1.1, access content in workspaces and act on tasks
  • Basic Collaboration Demo (Good, but nothing new to comment upon)
  • Search
    • Federated Search
    • Smart filtering of results
    • Relevancy ranking
    • Preview search results by hovering
    • Drag & Drop from results to workspaces
    • Text Analytics in CenterStage Pro
      • Separate server install
      • Content Intelligence Services extension
    • Thumbnails and Hover preview
    • Slides views “like iPhone”
    • Tagging by users (extended object model with dm_relation)
    • Demo of Search
  • Stress on all the standard compliance features of Content Server in CenterStage
  • CenterStage is built upon on DFS
  • Roadmap
    • June 2009 is CenterStage 1.0 controlled release, GA is Q3
    • Version 1.1 is Q4 2009
  • CenterStage Mobile client demo Wednesday at 4:15

Swinging by the Momentum lounge for COFFEE!!!! Starting to get tired, which isn’t a good sign at this point in the conference. Next session is on Documentum Architecture.  I need to get there early so I can sit next to an outlet to keep the laptop going.


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7 thoughts on “EMC World 2009: EMC Documentum CenterStage – The New Standard for Extended Enterprise Collaboration

  1. ukdavo says:

    Wikis, RSS & tagging in the Pro version? They should be basic collaboration features – you previously tweeted as much re wikis.

    Is there any integration with MS Office? If DCTM did an ‘Alfresco’ and implemented the SharePoint protocol now that would be cool – the ability to publish lists/data tables, Excel charts, integrate with Outlook, etc. Maybe this kind of advanced functionality should go into the Pro version.


    • I’m with you with the wiki feature thing. I view this as an issue as people won’t look deeper to see the ECM benefits under CenterStage v SharePoint.

      They are doing some new stuff for UCF that will help, but not like Alfresco. That also isn’t CenterStage specific.


  2. Chris Campbell says:

    The bullet point showing workflows is incorrect. Considering there is no true task inbox, there can’t be workflows in the traditional Documentum sense.

    It absolutely kills me that this has been left out. (Yeah, I’m going to complain about it until it’s in the product.) How can a collaboration product not have a collaborative workflow and a collaborative task inbox. It’s collaboratively ridiculous! I’m going out of my collaborative mind! Collaborate collaborate collaborate.

    There, that’s out of my system. The release schedule was disappointing. I know the release dates being announced from here on out are more realistic (see Marc Lewis keynote), that said – it’s still a year from the first announced GA date. The features I want aren’t going to be there until 1.5.

    I hate to say it… I really hate to say it, but with IDS (the newly renamed SCS) and Web Publisher, I can just buy Jive SBS or Jive Express and get 90% of the CenterStage Pro 1.5 feature set NOW without waiting a year. Could EMC save me some time and money by just buying Jive Software?


    • It is a gray area. There is no inbox, but workflows can be initiated so some degree. At the time I hadn’t been to the PAF and didn’t understand the true depth. That section of my notes was strictly slide copy. I’ve added a note to look down in the comments.

      The gray doesn’t remove the fact that you are correct. Expect to see a full post on this point shortly.

      As for Jive, hmmmm, EMC buying Jive would surprise me less than Open Text buying another company, any company.


      • creating a Jive plugin into Documentum has worked out pretty well for us.
        our next move is looking into Custom Types and seeing how that integrates with Documentum.


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