The Mark Lewis Keynote and Other Videos

Quick post, but I wanted to share a couple of things….

So the statement that I heard that started the downward spiral at EMC World/Momentum, was one word (technically 2, but “of” doesn’t really count) off.  That is, what I told people I heard is what I thought I heard, but I missed an important word.  Here is the quote:

What most of you did who are using ECM was building Case Management.

I didn’t hear the word “Most”.  As some with EMC insisted that wasn’t what Mark said, I didn’t include that statement in my initial post. The goal hasn’t been to cause a riot, but to provide feedback.  Mind you, this “revelation” doesn’t change the message that followed or the product family being called Intelligent Case Management, but it set the frame of mind.  Mind you, the statement is still not true for me, but it isn’t definitive.  He could easily be 51%, 80%, or 99%.

Here is the keynote in five parts.  You can view the quote itself in Part 2, at the 7:20 mark.  You should watch the whole thing though and not focus on any single line.  I was just trying to get the quote right.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

and finally part 5:

On the Lighter Side…

I did one of those Moment at Momentums.  This was done on Wednesday after both keynotes and I was appreciative of the conference.

Go to the EMC Software Channel’s Momentum 2010 Playlist on YouTube for more videos.

One thought on “The Mark Lewis Keynote and Other Videos

  1. Lee Smith says:

    As you say, I remain unconvinced. I’m happier in that Mark talks about Content Management being the base platform but the idea that most ECM applications are Case Management just does not wash with me. It also gets a bit confusing as Mark says we have been doing this for years but then states this approach is a ‘whole different purpose and use’. How can that be when he says most of us have been doing it for years. I can see the way we execute on that purpose and use can be changed and improved but the end goal is not changed.


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