EMC World 2010: New Capabilities for XML Processing in the Documentum Platform

Wanted to stop by and see what Jeroen van Rotterdam (XDB genius) and David Louie have cooked-up for XML in Documentum.  Been doing a lot of work here and I want to see growth.

  • XProc is shown as the core of the XML Processing model.  The engine works with the xDB database and uses a full collection of XML technonlogies to work.
  • DITA: “Do It Truly Awful” (Funny, I love Jeroen sometimes)
  • xDB 10: GA in 2010 Q2, “very very soon”
    • XA Transaction manager and can now be a resource in an XA transaction manager (2-phase commit)
    • Parallel (lazy) zquery execution
  • Standard slide showing how xDB performance scales extremely well slide.  Always impressive.
  • Says solid state will change DB world, some cool performance numbers versus normal RAID0 disk.
  • xDB gives you ability to create a Virtual repository that is partitioned over several nodes, transactions cannot cross nodes
  • No schema for the database, just well-formed XML, allowing for XML model to change
  • Multi-path indexes, allow index structures to be as flexible as the XML structures
    • Auto indexing, as the structure changes, the index adjust
    • Lucene is the index engine supporting xDB
  • More XQFT (now 70%) support in xDB 10
    • Times filter “occurs at least 2 time”
    • “at start/at end/at content” qualifiers
  • All xDB 10 features are in DSS
  • HA/DR features in xDB 10 with the multi-node, N+1 (DSS model…YEA!!!)
  • XProc integrates multiple XML tech, takes care of “plumbing”
  • XProc Engine on EDN, along with a designer
  • XProc DITA pipe lines (available soon)  (this summer)
  • XProc integrated into Content Server in D6.7 – embedded within DFC
  • Some performance hit as it has to go through Content Server before hitting XDB
    • C code to java, so web server in middle to facilitate
    • XQuery engine in DFC can talk straight to XQuery engine in the XML Store which does a quick security call back to Content Server (why not make it all java to speed everything up?)
  • Demos! (Jeroen always does live demos of experimental code, always fun)

That may be it for notes.  I’m heading to get some coffee and meet with more people.  If you get a chance, go see Cornelia Davis talk at 1pm today in room 207.


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