EMC World 2011: Effective Information Management for Legacy Application Retirement

It is Jeroen talking. Do I really need to give any other reason for attending? As I am missing the beginning of the partner conference, I need one. I am interested to hear their approach with xDB for this problem. They conceived of it just before the last EMC World, but it wasn’t fully flushed out. Want to see how real this is.

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EMC World 2011: RESTful SOA and the Spring Framework

Very excited that I get to see Cornelia Davis speak this year. Last year I had to go catch a train during her presentation so I wasn’t going to miss this year. Conelia used to be part of Documentum (eRoom before that) and is now a Senior Technologist with EMC’s CTO Office. This topic is pretty important because I think that this framework is influencing the Next Generation Content Server (NGIS).

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You Ready for EMC World/Momentum 2011?

image Well, I’m not.  Of course I still have a few months before we all reconvene in the meeting of the minds in Vegas.  It is time to start getting ready.

First, EMC is looking for feedback on how to make Momentum even better.  You can take the survey in just a few minutes.  Personally, I want to see more presentations from Clients and the Documentum/IIG Community-at-large.

While I am on the topic, if you are part of the same Momentum crowd, it is time to submit your presentation topics.  The deadline is the end of December, so let’s get started!

Last year, some of the better sessions were topics that were submitted by people from outside the EMC ranks.  They told real stories where Documentum software was part of the solution and not the point of the solution.  It wasn’t about sales, it was about learning about how best to use Documentum so solve problems outside of the demo VMWare image.

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