EMC World 2009: Beyond D6.5, A Product Roadmap

This is being presented by Frank Chao this morning.  It is a third day, 8am session, by design. This is typically a useful session that I prefer to see on the first day so I can better plan my conference, but they probably figure that attendance is lower so less people will hear it. This session’s slides are almost never published, so this is a can’t miss.

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SharePoint and Documentum, The Need for Therapy

A while back, I talked about how Patience is a Virtue while waiting for the proper integration of SharePoint and Documentum.  Andrew Chapman and the team at EMC have been working hard, and we will have what we need, at least the first step, before too much longer.  In the meantime, we have choices to make, and consequences to deal with, on a daily basis.

The biggest problem right now isn’t that EMC’s solution is behind the curve.  The current solution from EMC is comparable to their competitor’s offerings.  The problem is that the solution is inherently inadequate.  EMC knows this (which is a good thing), but until they, or anyone, gives us a better option, what do we do?

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Gleanings from Momentum 2008 Europe

I didn’t attend Momentum 2008 Europe, which makes the umpteenth time in row that I haven’t attended, the inverse of my streak in the States.  There were several people that did attend and I thought I would provide some basic thoughts and links for people.  I will be asking questions, so if you know the answers, please leave a comment.

[Edit 19 Nov. 2008: Be sure to read the comments for more links and commentary.]

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Documentum 6.5 is Released

Just so you know, last night I saw the first bits of D6.5 on the download site. The entire core stack is out. If you are a partner, you may not see some components as they are fixing some of the entitlements. I expect that to be fixed quickly. [Edit 8/5/2008: Fixed.] Share and enjoy.

Also, D7 is slated for Q4 2009. This is on schedule for 18 months after D6.5, as their strategy for releases dictates.

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