Gleanings from Momentum 2008 Europe

I didn’t attend Momentum 2008 Europe, which makes the umpteenth time in row that I haven’t attended, the inverse of my streak in the States.  There were several people that did attend and I thought I would provide some basic thoughts and links for people.  I will be asking questions, so if you know the answers, please leave a comment.

[Edit 19 Nov. 2008: Be sure to read the comments for more links and commentary.]

  • Overview: Johnny had only one post, but it was a good overview had an important element…EMC World is sadly deficient for the world of Documentum.  Johnny sounded nostalgic for the old days of Momentum.  I miss them too Johnny.
  • The Keynote: Lee Smith had a post dedicated to the keynote.  The highlights sound like they were the Solution Frameworks are being developed (see below), with the one for Case Management being first, and Mark Lewis talking about Information Intelligence.  No word on if CMIS was discussed here or what the overall VISION for where ECM is going in the future. Impressions were that the crowd liked what they saw.  If you have more thoughts, please share.
  • CMIS: Oh, did I mention?  EMC released an implementation of CMIS on EDN Labs.  I haven’t looked at it yet, but very cool.  Kudos to those of you for the heads up, you know who you are.  Thanks.  In the meantime, the scuttlebutt at Momentum was that a release of the product will be in mid-2009.  This is not a bad timeline as the standard should be final before being fully supported.  They sound like they will be ready, which is key.
  • SharePoint, Documentum, and Journaling: Robin East attended the SharePoint Product Advisory Forum (PAF).  I did this in Vegas and it looks like things are evolving well.  Andrew Chapman and Erin Samuels led the session and Andrew revealed the upcoming Journaling product.  I’ve talked to Andrew about this in the past and promised not to talk about it until given the all clear.  That won’t stop you from reading Robin’s post about the SharePoint PAF.  He gives a good description and it is a GREAT First Step towards how things need to work.
  • CenterStage: Life is CenterStage, CenterStage is life.  Okay, maybe not so much, but it did draw several posts.  Lee had some good observations from the Introduction which included a demo.  More was revealed on the ability to configure and customize in a later session.  Instead of the WDK, CenterStage is based upon what they are calling the Rich Content Management Platform (RCMP).  Robin also had a few thoughts on CentreStage, calling it the star of the show.
  • Solution Frameworks: Been hearing about this through the partner channels.  EMC is delivering Solution Frameworks to make developing solutions easier and faster.  I’m going to hold back my excitement.  This will be great for new customers and new implementations, but I don’t see existing customers being able to just change object models quickly to take advantage of the Framework.  Let’s not forget the extra cost.  Of course, now that I think about it, it will make life better for consultants.

I didn’t talk about every post .  Robin had one on the new XML Store, but as Lee observed, nothing new really came out of the conference.  I know Alexandra Larsson went and was scheduled to present, but no posts from her as of yet.

If you went, and posted a blog entry out there, let me know and I’ll link it here.

6 thoughts on “Gleanings from Momentum 2008 Europe

  1. Hi Pie,
    You might want to link me in also for some more Momentum related ramblings.
    On XML Store I actually found some very interesting insights (I hope).


  2. Thanks for the heads up Loparatu. I can’t believe I missed your posts.

    For those keeping score, he provides a solid overview of the focus for the first few days. He doesn’t indicate that the Vision is there, just a unified marketing message. He does talk about High Volume Server, and I’ll have a post on that in a few days. I have some strong opinions there.

    In his Closing Notes post, he mentions disappointment on the low profile of CMIS (Thanks Andrew for being someone he remembers on this topic). This is a bit of a disappointment and something that will need to be observed. I’m glad that Loparatu noticed that it was missing.

    Overall, two good posts to add to the list.



  3. Lee Smith says:

    Loptaru is right re CMIS, its not in my posts as it was not mentioned in detail. There was a mention at the Partner session and some talk on it but the key themes did appear to be Centerstage, Solution Frameworks and SaaS.

    However I don’t think that means EMC are negative, they appear to be reacting really quickly to this stuff and the timing may not quite have been there for Momentum.


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