EMC World 2009, The Case of the Incredibly Shrinking Momentum

This year was the second year where I “felt” that there were less Documentum sessions than the older traditional Momentum conferences.  This is strange as there are more components to Content Management and Archiving, Documentum, than there were even two years ago.  Luckily, I have the conference handbooks for the last three EMC World conferences and I can check numbers while I watch a new repository build.

The EMC World 2007 conference, while under EMC World’s wing, still felt like the session count wasn’t that far off.  I remember a few grumblings, but nothing documented, so I’ll just use that as a baseline with the understanding that the previous year was at least as good.  I believe 2007 was the year that the long-standing pre-conference tutorials vanished, so calling it even is a throwing EMC a bone.

Let’s See Some Numbers

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EMC World Orlando, 2009 Edition

Well, I finally broke down and registered for EMC World.  This year it is May 18-22 in Orlando. I got my hotel reservations months ago and wasn’t in a rush for the actual registration as the price has yet to change. I don’t need a free gift for registering early. In this economy, it is all about the Benjamins and the impact on the balance sheet, so no discount, no early registration push.

I was thinking about talking about my plans for EMC World, which looks pretty good, but the I realized something…This will be my 10th Documentum User Conference!  So I have decided to flash back a bit to the previous conferences.

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SharePoint and Documentum, Patience is a Virtue

Well, the time has come to talk about the elephant in the room, SharePoint.  It was a slow conference for me regarding SharePoint.  I didn’t attend any normal sessions on it as I was usually being pulled away by other items.  I did get a lot of time with Andrew, Erin, Craig (yes, Craig), and a boatload of partners talking about the SharePoint problem.

Problem?  Yes, problem.  The problem is that nobody knows what to do to make everyone play together.  I’ll tell you right now, playing together is required.

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Will the Real Mark Lewis Please Step Forward

I was reading the recent article by Alan Pelz-Sharpe over at CMS Watch titled High Stakes for Documentum. It makes a lot of interesting points regarding this year’s EMC World from the perspective of an outsider. I don’t want to discuss the conference any here, you can read all of my posts for my thoughts. I do want to address the comments from Alan in his article regarding Mark Lewis.

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New EMC World Page

I recently realized that I have over 20 posts so far for EMC World 2008. I was also noticing that many of my “older” posts were getting hits that seemed counter-intuitive to the topic in question. With the number of posts still growing, I wanted to put a simple page in place for people to find all my posts on EMC World for 2008, 2007, and all future iterations.

You can either click on the link in this post or you can look up at the header and click on the page link there.