Documentum, So Close and Still So Far Away with SharePoint

Apologies to Andrew on this post, but I’ve got to get everything out of my system before I learn anything new NDA items about the two products working together. I think EMC is moving in right direction on these products, but they aren’t there yet. That being said, their current approach is easily the best that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

Before you read this post, read my EMC World notes on SharePoint Repository Services and Content Services for SharePoint. That should help with the background.

Why SharePoint Repository Services Rocks

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The Challenge of CMIS

I started this to talk about some of the things out there, but there is sooo much that I am drawing the line. Kas is writing some good things on CMIS as he attempts to grok it.  Others, like Jon Marks, are grappling with CMIS as well. They raise some excellent points that probably deserve posts unto themselves. I find myself, today, focusing on the more immediate and of the more “outside-the-box” thoughts.

Updates and Announcements

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SharePoint and Documentum, The Need for Therapy

A while back, I talked about how Patience is a Virtue while waiting for the proper integration of SharePoint and Documentum.  Andrew Chapman and the team at EMC have been working hard, and we will have what we need, at least the first step, before too much longer.  In the meantime, we have choices to make, and consequences to deal with, on a daily basis.

The biggest problem right now isn’t that EMC’s solution is behind the curve.  The current solution from EMC is comparable to their competitor’s offerings.  The problem is that the solution is inherently inadequate.  EMC knows this (which is a good thing), but until they, or anyone, gives us a better option, what do we do?

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