EMC World 2008: Introduction to EMC’s Next-Generation Knowledge Worker Client

Finally, collaboration. David LeStrat, the manager of Magellan, will hopefully answer some of my questions.

  • The vision
    • Web 2.0 Client
    • Information Intelligence
    • Anywhere Access
    • Web 2.0 Platform

  • Web 2.0 Tools for collaboration
    • Author & Publish: Wikis, blogs, Collaboration, IRM, customized lists
    • Organize & Manage: Guided Navigation, Tagging, Classification, Personalized views
    • Network & Access: Enterprise Ready, Securde off-network, Access anywhere, retention
  • Need to find the information and find related related information
  • Magellan is Compliant, secure, intelligent Web 2.0
  • Individual, Team, and Organizational Workspaces
  • Trying to improve Ease of Use, hiding complexity of policies and content intelligence
  • Ease of installation is a focus
  • Future in 2009
    • Easy configuration
      • Partition deployments and configure features that are needed
      • Apply a common set of policies to all spaces in a site
    • Ease of Deployment (D7)
      • Package and license individual units of functionality
      • High Availability
    • Ease of Development
      • Tooling and RAD
      • Leverage the client side tech that best suits the business (Ajax, Flex)
  • Magellan Essentials client: no cost client that works with Documentum, late August free beta
    • Team workspaces
    • Library services
    • Access control
    • Content templates
    • Guided navigation
    • Lifecycles
    • Desktop Integration
    • Event triggered collaboration through SOA support
    • Reecent Changes
  • Advanced client has more (This is the one that would be worthwhile)
    • Wikis, Blogs, and RSS
    • Template and component base user interfaces
    • Personal spaces
    • Tagging
    • Data tables for managed collections of information
    • Federated search
    • Visualization
  • Show the canned demo from the keynote (Essentials), slower pace
    • See recent documents and recent comments on start page
    • Comments and discussions are supported around documents
    • Includes thumbnails, assuming a thumbnail has been created
    • Everything can be directly accessed with an URL
    • Drag and drop in the UI
  • Composed Pages in full client
    • Bring wikis, blogs, RSS Feeds, and other information into one page
    • Unify information into one Space
  • Custom components in D7
  • Data Tables from eRoom and Collaboration Edition will be surfaced
    • Will add validations down the road
  • Q1 2009, Essentials and Magellan full will be released
  • Magellan D7 in latter half of 2009
  • Webtop D7 is in the works and future versions are planned
    • Showcases the full power of Documentum
    • Provides more specialized and flexible customizations
    • Client of choice for power users requiring advanced content management functionality (Virtual Documents)
  • eRoom will be supported for many years to come
    • Maintenance releases will continue
    • All eRoom features in Magellan in D7 timeframe
    • Working with Crown Partners for free migration utility leveraging Bulldoser. Will be available for customers to migrate from eRoom to Magellan.

Time for dinner and the party. [Edit: Follow-up Article here.]


All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but will not be otherwise indicated.

All statements about the future of EMC products and strategy are subject to change due to a large variety of factors.

4 thoughts on “EMC World 2008: Introduction to EMC’s Next-Generation Knowledge Worker Client

  1. Lee Smith says:

    Great work Laurence. I was hoping to get over to Vegas but I will have to make do with Prague in November. However the posts have been very insightful and I’m really enthused with the reports on Magellan. Did you hear anything on announcements on the next release of the SharePoint integrations or is the view that people are starting to use DFS more and more?


  2. Thanks Lee. I heard a little on the SharePoint releases. Nothing immediate as they are re-structuring part of the design. I’ll have a long post on that later.


  3. Not in this presentation. It was implied that the Documentum security model was present on everything.

    I will be addressing security in an upcoming post. Many of those discussions were offline and off-shoots of other topics.


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