EMC World 2009: Documentum ECM 6.5 Architecture Overview

Victor Spivak, chief architect for the platform, is presenting on what is the most popular topic post from last year. Victor is smart and doesn’t mince words.  The session was mostly packed 15 minutes before it even started.

Victor is going to breeze through many of the things that haven’t changed in a year, so supplement these notes with last year’s notes.  These notes are “more accurate” if they conflict.

  • Introducing RESTful services to complement DFS
    • Builds on on the DFS conceptual model and semantics
    • It supports XML and JSON representation
    • Coming this year, Early Access soon (Victor is not a product Manager, so easy on the dates)
  • CMIS, hoping to have final by the end of the year
    • Plan to have final CMIS implementation for download day CMIS is finalized
    • CMIS will not be as efficient as DFS as they can implement capabilities specific to Documentum
  • CenterStage design philosophy
    • Thin UI
    • Clear separation of presentation, application, and business logic
    • DFS using Java client library
    • Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
      • Need a mechanism to invoke RPC-style services from the browser (no realistic SOAP support)
      • Services are built without DWR dependencies (Glue code hooks DFS services and data model into DWR)
    • ExtJS 2.2/DWR 2.0
    • OSGI/Equinox
    • XUL provides the layout
    • More Services created to support CenterStage
  • Key 6.5 feature is High Volume Server (see notes from last year and remember it is a separate license)
    • Batching: Groups multiple operations into one set of SQL statements to the database
    • Scoping: Reduce redundant currency checks
    • Light-Weight System Objects
      • Policies are applied to the Parent object now
      • Post-D6.5 may allow some policies to apply to a child object without spinning it back to full sysobject
    • Partitioning: Leverage RDBMS range partitioning capabilities to logically and physically separate data
    • Batching+Scoping+Light-Weight = 5x performance on ingestion
  • Why SourceOne not using Content Server? Simple, FAST can’t handle the search for billions of emails!
  • EMC Search Server (ESS)
    • Leverage xDB (XHive) and Lucene
    • Uses Documentum indexing open architecture
      • Indexing Server
      • Query plug-in
    • More than just FAST replacement
      • Low cost HA (n+1 Server based) (Now double)
      • Disaster Recovery
      • Data Management
      • VMWare support
      • NAS support
      • New Administration Framework (GUI and Web Services)
    • For migration, will have side-by-side option
    • Will be bundled with Documentum later, released before that
    • Native Security
    • 50 million objects per node v 20 mil per FAST (10 mil in my experience)
    • Utilizes new Content Processing Services (CPS) and ACS
    • Read-only collections
    • Cold collections
    • Enables facet computation on entire result set
    • Q3 2009???
  • Virtual Content Management (VCM)
    • Meta Catalog with Repository adapters
    • Creates Proxy Object
      • Normal Documentum persistent object
      • Designed to link to content in an external system
      • Associated with corresponding repository adapter
    • Schema Definition (Maps attributes)
    • Two types of adapters
      • Search
      • Search and Update
    • CMIS adapter will be built once finalized (one of the drivers for their CMIS support)
    • Rapid Adapter Development Framework for writing custom adapters
  • Operation Customization
    • Hidden, but available for use if critically needed

Reception in the Partner Pavilion and then the CMA party. Party-On Garth.


All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but will not be otherwise indicated.

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