EMC World 2008: Documentum Performance, Scalability, and Sizing – Part 1

It isn’t a conference until you hear Ed Bueche talk. This is the can’t miss session of the conference if you do Documentum work.

  • Don’t put a user into thousands of groups
    • Hundreds is ok
    • Arises in Project/workspace/room oriented content organizations
    • Happens to few users, but is usually the important users with visibility into everything
    • Recommendation: Leverage larger organizational groupings and create consolidated groups
    • Essentially create a group with broad rights and put the powerful users into those groups and use those groups directly into the ACLs
  • May need to cap the JVM at 1 GB, even if the application server can handle more, the garbage collection starts to cause response time issues
  • Upgrade to 5.3 sp6 or D6 sp1 to get the performance improvements in the UCF
    • Turn off virus scanning of archives and the directories used by the UCF client
  • Can use XQuery on the repository (XML Store) using the IDfXQuery interface
    • Results as XML or bytes
    • XQuery updates not supported at this point, have to use setfile in normal DFC operations
    • X-Hive is deployed with the Java Method Server
    • Full Security support (Not news. Non-support would have been news as it is worthless without it)
  • (A lot on why X-Hive and the XML Store makes XML processing better and faster for ingesting and querying)
  • Partial page refresh in Webtop for 6.5
    • less roundtrips
    • faster
  • Random-Access through a file in 6.0 in TaskSpcce and some support in Webtop, extension of byte-serving
  • The pre-caching of content in BOCS can be based off of tasks in a work-queue
  • The second session will cover the D6.5 Archive and D7+

Coffee time and then the booths. Don’t think I’m going to another session today.


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  1. Greg says:

    Thank you so much for your blogging coverage. Didn’t make it to EMCWorld this year, but still able to keep up through you. Thanks again.


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