Capgemini’s SharePoint and Documentum Road Show

A fan favorite at the last two Momentum conferences (US Session Notes) has been the “Better Together” presentation.  The show has arrived in DC today for two showings from Andrew Chapman (EMC) and Jon Ludwig (Capgemini).  I decided to catch the 9:30 showing and see what all the fuss was about (though I think I knew).

Going to take notes conference style.  So usual disclaimers apply.  I will invariably type something wrong, so I’ll take full blame.  If it is italics inside of the notes, it represents my thoughts, not those of the presenters.

The Notes

Diving in:

  • Opposite development approaches
    • SharePoint evolved from the User Interface and backwards
    • Documentum evolved from the repository forwards [No UI until version 3]
  • Shows the functionality of each product as either none, basic, or enterprise levels.  SP2010 is missing Image Capture, Digital Asset Mgmt, and BPM. Has WCM as Enterprise capability of SharePoint. [Strongly disagree. SP2010 has, at best, basic WCM].
  • Options for integration from EMC:
    • EMC Documentum Repository Services for Microsoft SharePoint (aka Dave): Essentially takes the content out of the database and stores it in SharePoint.  Invisible to user.
    • My Documentum for SharePoint: This is the web part solution, but heavily designed to look and act like SharePoint.  This is a client, not an infrastructure component, aside from Documentum managing the content.  A Documentum client that a SharePoint user can use without additional training.
    • EMC SourceOne Archiving for SharePoint: This is a comprehensive archiving offering that stores the archive inside the SoureOne repository. Not a “Documentum” solution. [Useful for eDiscovery as it co-located with archived email]
    • Captiva now directly scans directly into SharePoint. [Ideally then to Documentum using Dave for large-scale scanning.]
    • Kazeon can now search SharePoint directly.
  • EMC is a single source for the extra Content and Information Management functionality versus using multiple vendors to augment SharePoint’s Gaps.
  • Showing the “Capgemini Reference Integrated Architecture” that covers the when/where of SharePoint and Documentum. [Will link to slides]
  • Records Management is a compelling reason for working together.  SP2010 has Enterprise capabilities, but has gaps.
  • Missing Federated Records Management.  Really a point-forward solution, not for massive imports.  No mechanism for discovery. No automated features for retiring other systems.  Use SharePoint as “pre-record” repository.
  • Network Rail case study:
    • British rail system.
    • Had lots of stuff in Documentum, primarily for maintenance teams. [Standard high compliance/regulated customer]
    • Started using SharePoint for projects.
    • Lots of long-term projects led to mixed use, duplicate content, and large SharePoint repositories. (CAD drawings are large)
    • Use both My Documentum and Dave to integrate the two based upon the project needs.  Kept all important content in Documentum.
  • Capgemni introduced a “Collaboration+ Framework” recently which is a packaged solution with SharePoint and Documentum. Marketed as a solution accelerated and will do pilots to let people trying the approach out.  [Essentially they are trying to better package and market their experience. Kudos to them]  Building solutions on the framework.
  • Microsoft Shops:
    • Think the “Migrate or nothing” approach.
    • Think on Kazeon for eDiscovery.  It will also help you scope the size of your content challenge.
    • Externalize the content.  Think about SharePoint Archiving.
  • Hybrids:
    • Make Documentum system of record.
    • Fill the gaps with EMC
  • Process Oriented [Documentum first, third option, no need to focus on selling points of Documentum]

The Wrap-Up

I have a lot of clients using one or both of these products.  While a lot of the advice was what I was familiar with, it is invaluable to here other perspectives, especially when they line up with my experience.  The real joy is seeing EMC co-present with someone who acknowledges that some SharePoint is the answer.

3 thoughts on “Capgemini’s SharePoint and Documentum Road Show

  1. Hi Pie,

    From what I read, it looks very similar to what Andrew (and others were presenting at Momentum 2010.

    But, as you mentioned, it is interesting to see that Cap Gemini presented “collaboration+framework”.

    Regards – MarkJOwen


  2. Victor says:

    Jon Ludwig is a great presenter with great technical and sales skills. He has rare skills that anyone in the technology space would die to have. I really learned and enjoyed this session. Thanks Pie for covering this here


  3. Alain Molimard says:


    Just a quick note. I think you made a small typo in your description of EMC Documentum Repository Services for Microsoft SharePoint.




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