Keeping Your Content Alive, With or Without SharePoint

Last week I called SharePoint a legacy system and that there were many document graveyards/coffins out there built upon SharePoint. I also said that SharePoint was just the latest Content Management system to host document graveyards. This lead to an entertaining discussion as well as related articles by Ron Miller questioning the point of Content Management and Billy Cripe discussing the need for a new focus for Content Management Systems.

Before moving forward, I want to clarify. I was not slighting SharePoint. If anything, it was a recognition of what SharePoint has achieved as a legitimate Content Management system.

Let’s now take a step back and look at keeping Content alive.

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SharePoint, Another “Legacy” Content Management System

After waking up to discover that I had a sick kid, I decided to spend my Martin Luther King holiday relaxing and making sure the kid got some rest. I made the mistake of logging onto twitter and retweeting something by Melissa Webster from today’s Lotusphere 2012 conference:

A.Rennie “Content at rest = cost, content in motion = value”, “Sharepoint is today’s document coffin”. Social ->relevancy, currency

The tweet was read by Gabor Fari who took immediate dislike to the tweet. Two facts that are important to know before proceeding. Gabor works for Microsoft and while I have worked with all major versions of SharePoint, most of my experience is with platforms that were mature when SharePoint was first released.

I’m going to recount some points of the discussion and expound now that I’m not limited by 140 characters. If you want to see the tweets, check both his and my tweets from Jan 16.

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Taking the Measure of Box

A few weeks ago, Box held their first conference, Boxworks, in San Francisco. I was originally planning to attend but events conspired to keep me away. Still, I feel it is a good time to step back and look at where Box is, ask where they are going, and generally see where things stand.

Simply put, Box is doing well. Some felt that the conference served as their coming-out party. Since the conference, Box announced the finalization of a round of funding worth $81 million that they mentioned during the conference and are looking at expansion of their capacity. Box is taking a lot of mindshare and some market share as well.

But is it deserved?

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Content Management, the Cloud, and Disruptions

Not too long ago, I made a snarky comment about the cloud on twitter. I don’t know why anyone noticed as I make snarky comments all the time. This time, someone did notice and asked me if “cloud” was my least favorite word of all time. I gave both a snarky and serious response. The short version is that I don’t hate the word, just the overuse of the word.

I recently talked to a vendor that had started recently with the word “Cloud” in their name. After seeing their product, I realized that their product as cloud specific as Linux or Windows. They just used the term because it started meetings. I could have made use of their tool on multiple projects over my career, before the cloud.

So let’s look at the reason I made my snarky comment. It all started with an article, and like my best snarky comments of late, it involved Box….

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Collaboration, Just a Documentum Side Effect

Last year I posted an article on how CenterStage was the Latest ex-Collaboration Tool from EMC. Turns out I understated the case. EMC isn’t going to be building a collaboration tool, at least not one purposely built to encourage collaboration.

In many ways the announcements at this year’s EMC World just reaffirmed the direction set last year. Last year I was sad. This year, I’m starting to lose my sense of humor.

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Throwing ECM Terminology Around Like Candy

image Been a while since I posted anything. Having a new kid will do that to a person. I read an article last week that all but set me off. Luckily I didn’t have time to write it because I am going to be biting the hands that feed me, or at least ones that have been nice to me.

The article in question was published on CMSWire. When I saw the title, The Future of ECM: Looking Less and Less like SharePoint?, I was very interested. Then I started reading and nearly died.

SharePoint as “Traditional” ECM

First off, I’m going to state that SharePoint can readily be used as a Content Management System. When I compare SharePoint’s capabilities with features that I documented when I wasn’t thinking about SharePoint, it fairs well.

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Launching the New Box, Progress Made One Step at a Time

imageSo a funny thing happened on my way to the West Coast this week, I was invited to a product launch at  I’ve always been a fan of the concept of Content Management in the Cloud and the direction Box has taken in the Content Management space.

The established vendors are having to determine how to change both their business models and architecture before they more to the the cloud. Box is already there, they just need more features.

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Looking for a Few Smart People

One thing I haven’t really done with this blog is use it for any focused efforts to help my day job.  I am going to break that trend for one day because I am looking for some smart people and I want to find them sooner rather than later.

There is an online posting for the type of person I am looking to hire.  Before I share the link, I want to talk a little more in detail about what is going on behind the scenes.

Why Am I Looking?

WashConLogo_284x100 My company, Washington Consulting, Inc., does a fair amount of consulting in both functional and technical areas.  We do focus a lot on Information and Content Management, but it is far from the only thing that we do for our clients.  We also work with a wide array of technologies, Documentum and SharePoint just being two of the more widely used technologies.

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Capgemini’s SharePoint and Documentum Road Show

A fan favorite at the last two Momentum conferences (US Session Notes) has been the “Better Together” presentation.  The show has arrived in DC today for two showings from Andrew Chapman (EMC) and Jon Ludwig (Capgemini).  I decided to catch the 9:30 showing and see what all the fuss was about (though I think I knew).

Going to take notes conference style.  So usual disclaimers apply.  I will invariably type something wrong, so I’ll take full blame.  If it is italics inside of the notes, it represents my thoughts, not those of the presenters.

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Reflecting on Pie’s 2010 Predictions

Last year I succumbed to the pressure of being one of the only bloggers to NOT have predictions for 2010.  So on the last day of the year, I threw together a post with some predictions.

As a side effect, I have to evaluate them now.  I am going to score them as either correct, incorrect, or partial (50%).  The partial is for predictions that were correct in the causes, but the effects were off.

So, let’s dive into the juicy goodness.

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