Launching the New Box, Progress Made One Step at a Time

imageSo a funny thing happened on my way to the West Coast this week, I was invited to a product launch at  I’ve always been a fan of the concept of Content Management in the Cloud and the direction Box has taken in the Content Management space.

The established vendors are having to determine how to change both their business models and architecture before they more to the the cloud. Box is already there, they just need more features.

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Tips: Fixing LDAP Group Membership

Many of you probably saw my last post on LDAP. It was about forcing a synchronization of LDAP back to a specific date. My basic problem was that a small subset of users were being dropped from one of the LDAP groups within Documentum. We had removed and then added them again, and the re-synch seemed to work. A few days later, they were gone. The question was why?

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