Thoughts on EMC World 2008 and the ECM Professional

I’m sitting next to Marko and thinking about EMC World this year and trying to get my thoughts down as to how this year rated. I’m not going to be talking about what I learned in this post, but more on the conference itself. Marko had a couple of posts and I think they are a great starting point for the discussion. After you have read them, read on.

Sense of Perspective

I’ve been to every US Documentum user conference since 2000 and I’ve seen a lot of changes over time. I remember the exhibition being setup for the whole conference with almost no traffic (better now). I remember motorcycles zooming in to the stage at the keynote (fun, energetic, suffocating). I remember walking down Bourbon Street and having a great time as if it was just an extension of the conference (a great sense of community).

Some things have improved. One thing that hasn’t is that sense of fun and community. It was easier to find Documentum folks on Bourbon Street in 2003 than it is at time at EMC World. In 2006, there were over 2000 attendees at the last Momentum in Anaheim (thrown together on the quick) and more than 2500 the year before in Vegas. This year, the number given was 1500+ out of 9300+ attendees. It makes it hard to find people that have similar interest unless you already know them. You can find those people at sessions, but the sessions aren’t that well grouped together. The decrease in CMA attendance speaks volumes.

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EMC World 2008: Social Computing Meets R&D

Been reading Chuck’s blog on EMC’s Journey in Social Media for a while. Burt Kaliski is going to share a little about those efforts internally. I thought it might make a nice insight into how some of this Enterprise 2.0 stuff is actually working. Meanwhile, it looks like the EMC Developer Network is recording the presentation, so keep an eye out for that later.

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EMC World 2008: Web 2.0 and Interactive Content Management

Thoughts on Day 3 will be coming later. Depending on my Internet access today, I may just do one big conference wrap-up later. It is always a strange day on Thursday as people start flying-out and more people are a little wiped out from the final party, though not as much this year, but that is another story. In the meantime, let’s see what Brian Quigley, Product Manager for the Interactive Content Group. The rest of the title is “What are the New Ways that Customers are Working with their Rich Media”.

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