EMC World 2008: Day Two Thoughts

As I finally get to drink some coffee and I await the start of the next session, I thought I would share some basic thoughts.

  • I like Craig. Always thought I would, now I know. He had a post on a couple of sessions from yesterday. I am attending the first one he mentioned, DFS Real World examples, tomorrow at 10. We’ve has several off-line conversations, both work-related and not. James would even be pleased with some of the topics.

  • Speaking of James, he threw an interesting post up where he basically linked to all the Documentum bloggers and asked about all of his favorite topics. He can rest assured that many of those topics are being discussed, others are going to be discussed, and that there will be more information coming out of the conference once I finish getting more of the pieces together. This week is mostly about notes. I barely have time for this post, much less anything requiring analysis in depth.
  • I met Alexandra yesterday as well. She has started posting some notes and thought from the conference. I’m still catching-up on them, but two of the posts look like notes, similar to my current posting style. Check them out to supplement my posts. She talks about the Modern Knowledge Worker and Dynamic Delivery Services.
  • The party last night for the CMA group was pretty nice. Aside from listening to the band The Groove (excellent band and fun people to hang with, but that is another story), it was a large party of people that cared about Documentum and Enterprise Content Management. We need more of this at the conference and easier ways to find and chat with our like-minded colleagues. Storage is good, storage is important, but I need to more readily find those people working through the same issues as my clients.
  • A Play the Cloud update. I have 42 connections at a strength of 42%. If you aren’t playing, jump in.

Overall, things are better than last year so far, but more detailed thoughts on that after the week is up.


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