EMC World 2008: Documentum Developer Tools and Web Services Community

Just had a great lunch with Andrew and then took a little perverse pleasure in dropping my boss off on him for a little grilling. Hopefully Andrew will still be talking to me later. Craig Randall and David Louie, the Composer product manager, are here to help with the dialog.

  • Going to be a very informal session. They are hoping for lots of Q&A.
  • EMC Documentum Solutions Exchange is a new and upcoming online service-oriented marketplace enabling the reuse, easy evaluation, and adoption of Documentum technology
  • Both partners and developers can post solution services and components to the Exchange
  • Developers and tech-oriented line of business owners can discover, try, and buy the listed services on Exchange
  • Will setup a sandbox for people to try a Service before trying
  • This will be phase one of their Software As A Service (SAAS) model.
  • D6.5 will have 24 services and available in the Exchange
  • Right now the purchasing is going to be more of a connecting the buyer with the seller. PayPal may come down the line for simpler transactions. Still gathering data points to map things out.

Next stop, Documentum Performance Tuning. Gotta see Ed.


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