EMC World 2008: Social Computing Meets R&D

Been reading Chuck’s blog on EMC’s Journey in Social Media for a while. Burt Kaliski is going to share a little about those efforts internally. I thought it might make a nice insight into how some of this Enterprise 2.0 stuff is actually working. Meanwhile, it looks like the EMC Developer Network is recording the presentation, so keep an eye out for that later.

  • Key characteristics
    • Habitable software
    • Community governance
    • “Leveraging humanity”, David Freund
  • EMC’s Innovation Network drives research collaboration with social media
    • Global Research Collaboration
    • EMC ONE, Online Network of EMCers
  • Daoli Trusted Infrastructure Wiki, http://www.daoliproject.org/
    • Hosts research on trusted computing and virtualization for EMC Research China and several university partners
    • Open to the Public for Comment
    • Daoli: A research collaboration environment where everyone can make active contributions
    • The purpose is for people to learn, not to build product which would be private
  • Web 2.0 Total Customer Experience (TCE)
    • Gives an overall view of a data center
    • Mashes together multiple support sources plus customer knowledge
  • Experts Finder helps find people one given topic
    • Allows a rating to measure expertise
    • Mashes location together as well
  • Five lessons learned
    • Social computing follows social connections, start with the existing ones
    • Problem solving drives participation
    • Corporate efforts need a common “space”
    • Information sharing must be intentional and a habit
    • Transformation takes time

Debating on attending another Social Computing presentation or getting some work done. I guess we will all know soon when we read the next post. One thing is certain, coffee.


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