You Ready for EMC World/Momentum 2011?

image Well, I’m not.  Of course I still have a few months before we all reconvene in the meeting of the minds in Vegas.  It is time to start getting ready.

First, EMC is looking for feedback on how to make Momentum even better.  You can take the survey in just a few minutes.  Personally, I want to see more presentations from Clients and the Documentum/IIG Community-at-large.

While I am on the topic, if you are part of the same Momentum crowd, it is time to submit your presentation topics.  The deadline is the end of December, so let’s get started!

Last year, some of the better sessions were topics that were submitted by people from outside the EMC ranks.  They told real stories where Documentum software was part of the solution and not the point of the solution.  It wasn’t about sales, it was about learning about how best to use Documentum so solve problems outside of the demo VMWare image.

I’m hoping that this year the number of topics accepted is larger.  I would love to see some purely technical topics presented by clients and members of the Documentum community.  There is nothing like a good set of lessons learned and Design advice garnered from years of experience.

As for me, I’m thinking of two topics to present.  One is with a client and a partner on an XML Publishing system that we implemented.  It is a practical look at what can be done with the current technology, as well as some notes on what could have made our lives easier.

The other topic is more of a Best Design Practices session that I am toying with co-presenting with another member of the Community at-large.  We are still trying to work out the details given that we are with different companies.  It will be interesting if we are selected, but I am concerned that without a “client” on the submission, it will be denied.  Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So what have you been doing this past year?  Let everyone know and submit a topic.  The goal isn’t to market or show-off, but to share with others.  This should be a learning experience for both the presenters and the audience.

As I lock down my topics, I’ll share them with the community to solicit feedback on any details that they would like to hear.  I think I know what people want from these presentations, but it is always good to hear specifics in advance.

Please submit your topic and share it with the Community.

See you there.

4 thoughts on “You Ready for EMC World/Momentum 2011?

  1. Josh Collins says:

    I vote for the XML Publishing example. I’m attending EMC in hopes of hearing just that kind of presentation. If it doesn’t make the conference agenda, I hope it inspires a blog post someday.

    EMC seems to be overflowing with XML smarts and technology since the XHive aquisition, but Documentum doesn’t seem to be benefiting from all of this. What’s going on?


  2. Chris Campbell says:

    Gah! I totally spaced out on the topic submission. I submitted a “best practices” topic last year and it wasn’t selected. I was going to resubmit the same topic again this year, but I don’t know if the December article in “ECM Connection” about my use case would help drive interest or if people feel that the topic had already been covered.


    • Chris Campbell says:

      Wait! I now see the call for topics has been extended to Jan. 21st! Any interest in best design practices for BPM Workflows?


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