EMC World 2010: Documentum Powering a SOA-Platform for an Operational Military HQ

Here to hear Alexandra talk about a real-world case with SOA and Documentum.  SOA has a lot of traction in the military as their dispersed,rapid-response nature really calls for SOA.

  • The environment needs to be very flexible and support a wide variety of users and scenarios.
  • The Swedish military works tightly with US and NATO forces, so this stuff applies across the world.
  • Need to use newer and cutting-edge products in order to gain the agility needed in today’s environment.
  • The office is not an “office”, but can be tents, cargo containers…
  • Basic perspectives on information
    • Theme,Temporal (includes time span),Spatial (3d), Relationships, User interaction tracking > Components of visualization based upon filters.
    • Many systems cannot store all of this
  • Integration Approach
    • SOA with ESB (point-to-point did not work)
    • Message hub using XML (uses Oracle Fusion Middleware suite)
    • Expose out-of-the-box services on the ESB (DFS)
    • Customizations developed as services and expose on the ESB
    • No stove-pipe, same object in all systems (Access things where you need it access it from)
  • Logical Data Model and Services
    • Readable and provides a business-level model
    • Transforms to/from legacy systems
    • Lots of interoperability work that was enabled
    • Documentum manages the Relationships
  • Use Master Data Management, of which Documentum is one of the systems managing data
  • Use Solr for Enterprise Search, InfoGlue portal, IBM SameTime, TIBCO Spotfire
  • Using Kerberos SSO for dealing with their authentication across the systems.
  • If people forget passwords, they don’t use the system, Smartcards solve that problem (Very nice way to put it!)
  • Seeing some cool tools integrated with Documentum using SOA.
  • Solr is providing content analytics, creating word clouds and lots of other cool analysis.
  • Use Service-side version of xDoc to create DITA-renditions of Word-files
  • Customizations of DAM
    • Copy DITA references to Documents and Images
    • Create service requests
    • Still exploring XML capabilities (XDB I think she referred to as exploring)
  • More examples using lots of GIS to display information
  • Uses XMetaL/Documentum and the legacy XML documents, not using XDB at this time
  • Legacy content needs proper attention to be converted to reusable pieces

This has been a very cool presentation and system.  Lots of visualizations and how Documentum can work as part of a larger solution.  I’d tell you where I was going next, but last time I did that, I was wrong.  It will involve coffee and may involve lunch.  Will be at the ECN area in the Expo at 1pm for the meet the Community Experts gathering.  I do need to find people that don’t enjoy pushing my buttons quite so much though.  🙂


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3 thoughts on “EMC World 2010: Documentum Powering a SOA-Platform for an Operational Military HQ

  1. Chris Campbell says:

    This was high on my list to attend, but decided to go with the presentation on MOSS and Documentum: When to use each? (LH: Want my notes for a “guest” blog entry?) In a way, I’m glad that you attended so I can “crib” your notes from this session. Still, sometimes I wish they would repeat some presentations.


    • Send me your notes. I’ll gladly publish them, and any notes for sessions that I don’t attend. For those that I do attend, just add a reply.


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