EMC World 2008: Best Practices for Designing and Deploying an Enterprise Document Capture Solution

Decided that instead of hearing about how an ECM system can make a social computing system more robust, that I would listen to Sean Baird tell me something that might help me do my job as a consultant on a daily basis. As cool as Enterprise 2.0 is, scanning is still important for organizations on a day-to-day basis.

  • Starting off with a sales-pitch for scanning. Cost, productivity, compliance, and data (extraction)
  • Enterprise Document Capture
    • Capture: scan/fax/email, moving to distributed scanning in many organizations which leads to shorter turn-around time
    • Identify: need to identify the document formats to reduce the level of human intervention
    • Extract: pull data from the documents and use it for processing, not just for search
    • Validate: Check against business rules and external data
    • Deliver: drop into repository for distribution in the right locations based upon data, send data to other business systems
  • Distributed scanning reduces shipping and gets information in the system and actionable much more quickly
    • Faster processing, limit delays transporting paper to capture locations
    • Reduce risk of lost or misfiled documents
    • Enable knowledge experts to contribute directly into the system
  • Multi-Function Devices (MFD) can be used to scan documents directly into a central repository
  • Automatically Classifying documents
    • Able to identify page layouts that identify the starting page of a multiple page document without the need for bar-coding or a cover sheet
    • Rules can be more complex
    • Needs to be reviewed as the technology improves to improve efficiency
  • Full back-file conversion may not be feasible
    • Scan-on-demand will make needed documents available
    • As old records are eliminated and new records continue to be scanned, the physical storage needs will decrease organically

That’s it. Expect more posts over the next few weeks with analysis and observations. In the meantime, I think I need to find Starbucks. Luckily the Luxor has 3 of them.


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One thought on “EMC World 2008: Best Practices for Designing and Deploying an Enterprise Document Capture Solution

  1. Always good to read a blog where someone is writting something i completely agree with (though pretty rare) :)…Not a fan however of outsourced scanning solutions. My experience is that the data retrieved is never that great and quality control does suffer, no matter how good their systems are…I always find best results are in-house, though I hope this may change in the future….

    Have also recently blogged about this similar subject…have a read http://andrewonedegree.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/successful-document-capture/


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