EMC World Orlando, 2009 Edition

Well, I finally broke down and registered for EMC World.  This year it is May 18-22 in Orlando. I got my hotel reservations months ago and wasn’t in a rush for the actual registration as the price has yet to change. I don’t need a free gift for registering early. In this economy, it is all about the Benjamins and the impact on the balance sheet, so no discount, no early registration push.

I was thinking about talking about my plans for EMC World, which looks pretty good, but the I realized something…This will be my 10th Documentum User Conference!  So I have decided to flash back a bit to the previous conferences.

  • 2000, Momentum Vegas: Ah the Venetian. This was my first look at the wider Documentum world. I was with Infodata Systems and stuck in the booth.  We were showing Plumtree and Documentum together that year. The system was beautiful until it crashed, literally, an hour before the show, killing the system. I was so tired that I didn’t get to enjoy the show after-hours. I seem to recall feeling like my feet were about to fall off.  I do remember tigers though.
  • 2001, Momentum Chicago: Don’t recall the venue, but it was a decent conference, even if I was stuck in a booth again plugging AnnoDoc.  It took place a few weeks after 9-11, so attendance was down. I actually spoke on Streamlining Content Management Using Portal Technologies (plus Enterprise Search, but that wasn’t in the title).  It was the last day and thus a sparsely attended session. I told the attendees that I couldn’t sell them the perfect solution as it didn’t exist yet (still doesn’t), but we could start the Journey. One of the best days of my life occurred on that trip, but you’ll have to buy me a beverage to hear about it in detail.
  • 2002: Momentum Orlando: Like many mid-sized Orlando conferences, this was at the Dolphin.  You begin to hate pastels after a while at that place. This was my last booth tour as it was my last conference with Infodata and AnnoDoc. This also marked my one foray into Karaoke.  I think the world is a better place for not trying that again.
  • 2003, Momentum New Orleans: Best. Conference. Ever. No booth so my feet didn’t hurt.  I attended more sessions and had fun with more people, than I have at any conference before or since. Winner of the best food and partner events, hands down. This was the second conference of the revolving name-tags (Impact Innovations Group). I will never, EVER, forget this conference.
  • 2004, Momentum Montreal: Disappointing. Everything was spread out and there weren’t a lot of people that I knew in attendance.  Learned a lot and enjoyed it, but this has to rank last. Following New Orleans didn’t help. This year I was with DRC, the buyers of my company. The Red Sox winning the World Series didn’t add to my enjoyment.
  • 2005, Momentum Las Vegas: First year with DeepBridge, and the 4th year in a row with a different company name. (1 acquisition, 2 job changes) During the conference, the possibility of merging with EMC World was discussed.  Everyone complained and we got one more year in 2006. Interesting party at the racetrack.  Good times.
  • 2006, Momentum Anaheim: The last U.S. Momentum. Great time. I met Jed that year sitting at a bar, watching American Football.  I spend the weekend before at a condo overlooking the beach and got some free babysitting. This trip was also with DeepBridge. I believe we were named Partner of the Year that year. Train performed at the final party and they put on a great live show. Their Led Zeppelin covers even impressed those that had actually seen the original in concert.
  • 2007, EMC World Orlando: Much grumbling about the loss of the spirit of Momentum, which still continues in the States today (the grumbling that is). This was the motivation for starting this blog, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. Everyone tried to say that their were separate Developer and Momentum conferences, but it wasn’t.  This was my first year at my current company, Washington Consulting, Inc.  They brought me in to run their ECM solution.  I still have the job, so I guess I’m doing okay.
  • 2008, EMC World Las Vegas: This was the year that I knew everyone. I’d run into an old friend and my boss would take a snapshot. You’d think I was a social butterfly. I’m not. I just know a lot of people at this conference. I got to meet Craig this year. I had probably met him before, but this was the year that it was more than me being one of a few hundred random attendees.  I also conducted a roundtable discussion that for some reason, Alan Z has never let see the light of day, God bless him.

That’s about all the time I have to write today.  I do want you to consider attending if you use, or are getting ready to use, any EMC product.  There is fun and education to be had by all.


9 thoughts on “EMC World Orlando, 2009 Edition

    • Looks like a great session, but I won’t miss “EMC Documentum Performance, Scalability and Sizing – Part 2” with Ed. It is a must-see session for me every year. I’ve noticed time-slots where I don’t care about a few sessions, and other slots where I am having to make some tough choices. Hopefully someone will take great notes and share them with everyone to supplement the presentation.


  1. Lee Dallas says:

    Well Pie – unless something drastic changes I’ll miss seeing you this year. Thanks for the lovely trip down memory lane though. I had to think really hard to remember when I had been – 99,00,02,05(speaker),07,08. I am impressed by your consistency.

    I trust you’ll have a frosty beverage in memory of me.


    • I will have a frosty beverage in your memory, though if everyone asks that, I’ll need my posts to remember what happened at the conference.


  2. Great way of making me feel old 🙂 I do appreciate your consistent timeline; it makes it easier for me to reflect. I started in 1999 in San Fran, then I was there in 2000 (with you I believe). In 2001, I started going to the Developers Conference in Pleasanton, CA. I did this for 2002 & 2003, since I was still free-lancing and it was the cheapest way to get trained on new products. In 2004, I got out of consulting and started my first 9-5 non-consulting job – no DCTM conference that year. Started going back to conferences from 2005-2008. Unfortunately, I will not be at EMC World this year. I’m hoping to goto to Momentum Europe this year in Greece. Have a drink for me!


    • Going to miss you this year. I remember the Dev conference in ’03, it was my only one. I was in town for only 2 days. The first day I caught the A’s at Oakland Coliseum, promptly sunburnning my right arm. Day two was the start of the conference where I spoke on how we integrated AnnoDoc into Webtop 5.x, I can’t recall the version. I remember chatting with you as I tried to stand so my right arm was always in the shade.

      Ah, good times.


    • I’m not worried. I checked. You not allowed to carry a taser anymore after that ‘incident’ in Philly. As for that order, I have contacts in the Orlando DA’s office, so good luck getting it enforced.


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