Sitecore Sym NA: Social Connected Deep Dive

Checking out the Sitecore Social Connector. If you’ve been to the AIIM website, you see that we do a little of this. I want to do it better. I’m here to see if we can do it cost effectively. David Morrison is presenting in this session.

  • Version 1.3 was just released and it is a free module (Nice confirmation for ignorant people like myself)
  • Social Brainstorm
    • Simplify visitor registration and authentication
    • Post content to social networks directly from CMS
    • Manage multiple Facebook accounts

  • Social Engagement
    • Personalize content using social profile
    • TrackLikes, Comments, and Tweets
    • Track social campaigns with DMS
  • Social Application Integration
    • Allow visitors to quickly login with social credentials
    • Match any existing accounts using email address, linking after account creation
    • Bundled networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
    • Can create your social authentication provider (OAuth)
  • Can tie directly to specific Facebook Applications
  • Profile information is pulled at each login and stored in Sitecore. If user preferences become more restrictive regarding sharing data, that data is removed to keep compliant
  • You can map a social property to multiple Sitecore properties
  • Social Buttons, FB Like and Tweet, can configure Goal and Campaign conversion
  • Social Content Messaging
    • Post social messages quickly using saved accounts
    • Easily manage multiple social accounts in one place
    • Post messages to multiple accounts for the same network when content item is published
    • Automatically adds campaign tracking parameters to links
  • Social Analytics
    • Analyze Social Messaging Activity (Likes, Comments, Tweets/RT, DMS Value and Visits)
    • Fibonacci Refresh rate in hours, used as activity to be measured slows over time
  • Will allow social promotions to be posted
  • Demo!
  • Hyves Network Provider for Sitecore Social Connected v 1.3 available on GitHub. Relevant if you need to implement your own provider

Next is Lunch!


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