Sitecore Sym NA: Product Track Keynote

First, going to abbreviate the conference name in the title. It is just too long. This session is Driving Tangible Business Value through Integrated Cross-Channel Marketing. Being presented by Lars Birkholm Petersen and Darren Guarnaccia.

  • This track is focused on Best Practices and what is shipping or about to ship
  • Improved Customer Experience = Improved Share Price, Consistency drives loyalty, Integrated marketers outperform
  • People, Process, and technology (Like any business problem)

  • Using Process Means:
    • Understand your customers
    • Know their motivations
    • Know the buyer journey: Awareness> Solution> Selection
    • Know their lifecycles: Awareness> Information> Convert> Educate> Retain> Advocacy> Awareness
  • Sitecore focused on building tools to help the development of the marketing process
    • Assess Digital Maturity, Digital Maturity Model, 2.0 (being released this year)
    • Alignment  the Strategic Objectives
    • Scoping
    • Roadmap
  • Moving to the technology tools, mapping them to the lifecycle
    • Awareness: CMS (web and mobile), DMS (campaigns and personalization), APS (Dynamic brochure)
    • Information: same tools
    • Convert: CMS, DMS, DRM
    • Educate: CMs, DMS, CSA (community education) (CSA must be the acronym for the community module)
    • Advocacy and Awareness: leverage of all tools, tying into social tools

Time to go see what they have with Social Connect. We use a similar feature on the AIIM website but I’m pretty sure we can do more. It is technical so hopefully it doesn’t dive into code.


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