Sitecore Sym NA: Building, Connecting, and Measuring Communities with Sitecore

Time to learn about the communities module for Sitecore by John Field. This has been a big challenge for AIIM and I’d love for Sitecore to give us a way to solve this problem without having to write it all from scratch.

  • Shared Source currently
    • Blogs
    • Polls
    • Comments
    • Ratings
  • Social Starter Kit powered by Telligent, complete integrated platform

    • Low cost of entry ~$10K (some limitations regarding server count and applies to only 1 domain name)
      • 2 production servers and 1 non-production server
    • Quick time to value
    • Incremental steps and investments for a broader, more comprehensive social strategy
  • 80 joint customers between Telligent and Sitecore
  • Features include: Blogs(5 apps), Micro-blogging, Discussion Forums(10), Media Galleries(2), Relationships/Networking, Automated Moderation, Widgets (Sitecore related), and Search
  • Telligent demo
    • Discussions can just be discussions or can be Q&A
  • Sitecore demo
  • They have an integration to YetAnotherForum (look-and-feel) may be harder
  • Referencing the Sitecore Social Connected
    • Can automatically tweet when something is published

Off to get some coffee and attend a session on SEO. I understand the basic rules but am curious to see what Sitecore can help from this perspective.


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