Sitecore Sym NA: Leveraging SEO to Drive Measureable Customer Engagement

Here to hear Ted Prodromou talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any tidbit that I learn that can help us is important.

  • Good Old Days, SEO 1.0, was easy back then
    • Meta fields, repeating terms, keyword stuffing, and links all USED to work well
    • Meta Titles still works well
    • Meta Description is useful because it will show-up in the Google result (helps people choose your result)
  • Panda and Penquin (monthly) updates to cut down on cheating
  • Thriving in current SEO world

    • Find out through social media and searches what people are looking for
    • Create that content, complete with quality assurance, and then place it where it can be found
    • Then broadcast/launch it
    • Measure the results and start listening for the next opportunity
  • Need a team now, need everyone to contribute content
  • Need to define your business goals
  • Study your market: Who are they? What do they want? Create the library of research. Leverage keywords in the content, but in a quality way
  • Now not just content, but quality content
  • Develop personas (profiles of target audience)
    • Target content at personas
    • Develop a full profile and make sure the content creators understand the personas
  • Google wants fast website response time, good design, natural linking (share this), social media activity, quality content
  • Linking seems to be gettig diminished. All the old factors still work, but to much lesser extent as emphasis is added to the new items
  • If an audience is on a social site, Google doesn’t matter because people are sharing your content through other methods
  • Google Webmaster Tools and Blog are useful and free
  • Match keywords to the cycle
    • “What is…” should direct to awareness products
    • “What is the best” for consideration
    • “How much does it cost” for Pricing/buying
  • Google Keyword Tool to determine what words people were looking for and to try and determine what your competitor may be ranking for
  • Bing Webmaster Tools are better than Google, but they have lesser volume
  • SpyFu is a paid service, as is KeywordSpy
  • Quality of visit is important than Quantity. If the page doesn’t lead to the desired action, then there is not a lot of value. Can use Executive Insight Dashboard
  • The suggestions when searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo give you potential keyword phrases
  • YouTube is 2nd most popular search engine
  • Right-Angle Marketing, find related interests so you can tie it together
    • The process of setting-up an ad in Facebook, or other tools, can help you see what people are interested in,
    • Facebook Recommendations app
    • Facebook Open Graph
    • Wisdom App gives good information for Facebook for free (now)
  • Google Insights (formerly trends)
  • Measuring your progress is important
    • Track your keywords
    • Measure your competitors so you can compare. Some good tools at
    • Open Site Explorer is another good tool
  • Google Analytics seems to be restricting the data they show on their website

I think I need a week or two to work on this. Lots of good stuff. Next, the Product Roadmap.


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