Sitecore Sym NA: Sitecore Roadmap

One more session today, the Product Roadmap. Normally I prefer these sessions in the morning so I have time for the entire conference to follow-up. Given that I personally needed more background first, I’ll let it slide. Once again, Darren Guarnaccia is speaking. Dude is earning his pay today.

  • CMS 6.6 this quarter, November 5, 2012
    • Mobile SDK, Device simulation, MVC (new development approach)
    • Mobile SDK, build mobile apps with Sitecore managed content
      • iOS first, Android later
      • Restful API’s that are optimized for mobile applications
      • Device Specific API’s, First for iOS devices in Objective C
      • SDK for creating an “App Shell”
    • Device simulation allows viewing a page in different simulated mobile devices through page editor

    • Item Web API
      • REST-style web service that outputs JSON
      • Build to support mobile SDK
    • Native MVC support in Sitecore projects
      • Treats MVC as first class rendering engine
      • Can optionally be mixed with webforms as well
      • Support for MVC Razor
      • Can use Renderings and certain control
  • CMs 7.0 in Q1 2013 with large-scale Item storage
    • Item Buckets, not all websites are hierarchical, think faceted search. Content retrieved based upon meta data fields. Supports beyond current 100 item limit in current structure. Support for massive amounts of unstructured content
    • Native MVC support (Uh, wasn’t that in 6.6? Maybe just committing that the new stuff has MVC support)
  • SPEAK UI refresh in Q2 2013 (SPEAK = Sitecore Process Enablement and Acceleration Kit)
    • Framework to create task focused, user centric interfaces
    • Graphical workflow, including ad-hoc workflow
    • Content reuse manager and dependency reporting
  • DMS Engagement Intelligence entering public beta
    • Next generation of Sitecore Enagement analytics (Business Intelligence (BI) for marketers)
    • Release in Q1
  • Social Connect 1.3 released now, H1 2013 will bring onsite social features such as commenting and rating
  • Visual Path Analysis and Optimization  Guidance Q1 2013
    • Analyzes user patterns and behaviors
    • Identified optimal paths on site leading to greatest benefits (push them down profitable path, let the user randomly navigate less)
    • Cross channel path analysis
  • Email Campaign Manager 2.0 in Q1 2013 (ECM? Really?). Includes spam tester
  • CRM service layer in DMS Q2 2013
  • DMS – Big Data, Multi server scaling in 2H 2013, support for 100TB, local or Cloud based, NoSQL support
  • CMS is supported in Azure now, by Q2, DMS will be supported in Azure. H1 2013 scalability enhancements
  • Multi-site Order Management Application Framework Q1 2013, extensible to plug into various providers
  • Foundry 4.0 in Q4 2012, franchisee marketing support, based upon CMs 6.6

That’s it. A break to work and the the reception. Likely less posts tomorrow as I concentrated on sessions today. I have some work to fit in tomorrow.


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