EMC World 2010: Using Media WorkSpace for Collaboration and Review of Documents

Lisa McIntyre and Coan Dillahunty from GSD&M Idea City are going to be talking about Digital Asset Management.  They are a full-service ad agency.  I’ve known them for a while and it is important to keep track on how the DAM crowd is doing.

  • Deal with a wide variety of content from documents, images, and video.
  • Started with software on the local machine, moved to Web-based apps (eRoom and Digital Asset Manager) to “Web-based with benefits” (Media WorkSpace and CenterStage)
  • Search is not visual and the creative types don’t necessarily want to search, they want to browse
  • CenterStage is still missing calendaring and databases, so they haven’t adopted yet. Waiting.
  • Media WorkSpace is a flex-based application that is much faster than DAM, very Mac friendly
  • The Data Dictionary support is now a feature of Media WorkSpace.
  • General Availability of 1.0 is likely soon as a candidate was recently shared.
  • Technical requirements:
    • Requires D6 and higher
    • MTS 6sp2 or higher
    • Suggested to have same service pack level for all of the products, and suggested to be at 6.5
  • Media WorkSpace doesn’t enforce the Intellectual Property rights at this time like Digital Asset Manager does.  It does inform the user of the IP rights.
  • Have rating for images and shows your ratings and the total ratings, but suggest have a guideline for how to rate the images
  • Has a film-strip view to scan images (very nice)
  • New flash renditions of video for Media WorkSpace
  • Need to configure CTS to produce both the QuickTime and the Flash as it prefers to produce one or the other by default.  This wouldn’t be an issue if they used DAM (QT) or MWP (Flash) but not the other.
  • Quickflows are available in MWP (but not in CenterStage?)
  • Can print a contact sheet with thumbnails, works with JPG.

Off to see the first half of Ed Bueche’s Performance for Documentum xCP session.  More importantly, I need more coffee and some water.  My espresso from the start of the day doesn’t seem to be working.


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