Joining the Practitioners at the Information Governance Conference

The Information Governance Conference LogoLast week I talked about my upcoming visit to the Information Governance Exchange, which is an event filled with business owners and decision makers. The next week in September, the 8th through the 10th, I will be winging my way up to Hartford, CT for the Information Governance Conference (InfoGovCon).

The InfoGovCon will be filled with practitioners participating in an agenda filled with different perspectives on Information Governance from multiple industries. There are also training sessions from ARMA, the Information Governance Initiative, and many others.

While there, I am presenting on Removing the “Work” from Information Governance. Sounds interesting but what does that mean?

How Do we Remove the Work?

First, a disclaimer, removing the work isn’t going to be easy. I am not going to present any silver bullets. As I’ve said in the past, Information Governance is a journey, not a switch you turn on.

So how do we do it? Why aren’t more people doing this yet? To find hints to the answers between now and my talk you can do a few things.

First, read the Word of Pie. There are components of my talk scattered throughout, with more to come between now and then.

Picture of me & a fancy quoteSecond, read my interview with the InfoGovCon staff. There are more hints there but what I really focused on during the interview is WHY behind the need to take the work out of Information Governance. It isn’t about us being lazy or saving time and effort. What we should be doing is working to make Information Governance part of the daily routine for the people in our organizations.

Third, you could always read the session description. I keep looking at it myself so I can remember what I promised to say.

We are at a critical time in our industry. We have a chance to set a new direction and fix everything that has kept us attempting to solve the same problems for 20 years. As new technologies and ideas emerge, we need have to apply them in a way that will remove the burden from the average person in our organization. This session will provide a framework for how emerging technologies can be used to finally achieve success by fitting into how people actually work.

Finally, you just really need to attend my talk. I promise to keep my presentation entertaining and informative. People who have seen me speak before can attest to that. I will share my slides afterwards but I will tell you now, I am going to be saying a lot of things that aren’t on the slides.

To help you out, if you register with the code “IKnowSomebody” and pick me, you will get a discount on your InfoGovCon registration.

See you there.