EMC World 2011: xCP & Documentum Platform Product Roadmap

Now John McCormick, Sr Director of Product Management, is going to give the roadmap. Very refreshingly to see xCP and Documentum listed separately again. Going to be interesting to see what dates they are willing to throw out there. Lots of real work to some of what they are doing.

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  • Session will be repeated Wednesday morning
  • D7 and xCP 2.0 (one of the biggest projects in product group) are tied together
  • Case Management (xCP) built on-top of Content Management
  • xCP Product Principles
    • Enable intelligent business decisions
    • Composition and configuration over code
    • Responsive and usable
    • Think beyond documents, people, process, and information in business context
    • Leverage private cloud
    • Build a future-proof product
  • This quarter, D6.7 and IRM 5.0
  • D6.7 SP1, xPlore 1.2 at end of calendar year
  • xCP 2.0 Controlled release at start of 2012
  • D7, xPlore 1.3 and xCP 2.0 in June/July 2012 timeframe [Over a year out, lot can happen]
  • 6.7 features
    • Kerberos SSO support for non-windows platforms
    • WebSeal SSO support
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 native 64-bit support in about 3 weeks, not other platforms
    • Safari 5.0
    • Office 2010 support for Application Connectors
  • D6.7 SP1
    • IE 9, Firefox 4
    • Red Hat Linux 5.6 for Content Server
  • D7 will have more emphasis virtualization platforms, not just VMWare
  • Asset tracking
    • Tracks usage of applications [Helps with license audits]
    • Leverages EMC Asset Management and Planning Tool
  • Lot more hacking prevention in Webtop 6.7, Get v Post, no cross-frame scripting, anti-MIME sniffing…
  • Java 2 Security Support in 6.7
  • IRM 5.0 has native Office 2008 and 2010 support
  • Continued Federal standards compliance in D7
    • Pervasive Section 508 compliance (TaskSpace and DA better in 6.7)
    • FIPS 140-2 certification
    • Centralized key management
    • AES-based encryption
  • Web Services and IIG [See notes from earlier Web Services Session]
  • Webtop will be in D7. Most used version of interface
  • Key UI Principles: User Experience (fast/modern), Choice Computing, Agility (composition vs coding)
  • Unify client apps, create mobile apps, use Spring and ExtJS
  • 2011 adding file browsing into CetnerStange
  • Combining Process Builder and other building tools will be unified in D7/xCP 2.0
  • Mobile client date will be out soon, “Nowish”
  • xCP 2.1 (post D7) will have mobile UI generation in Builder tools, At runtime, detect incoming device and server appropriate UI and functionality
  • CMIS Adapter coming for Federated Search
  • Microsoft is not supporting FAST after this calendar year, plan move to xPlore now. Supported on D6.5 sp2 and above. Upgrades in place  [Details on launch post]
  • xPlore 1.2 will have thesaurus support and spell checking
  • xPlore 1.3 (D7 stack release) will have Cloud Integration improvements
  • xPlore now means entire platform works in VMWare
  • xCP 2.0 will be optimized for vFabric and have Dynamic provisioning app deployment and monitoring
  • xCP 2.0 Overview (aka the new Builder)
    • Unified set of tools, New Runtime (Composer, Process Builder, Forms Builder, Process Reporting Services, TaskSpace)
    • New tools for Case Modeling
  • More on Hyperic in D7/xCP 2.0

Off to the opening of the Expo which opened at the start of this session. Need caffeine, badly. See you there.


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