EMC World 2011: Momentum Keynote

Ladies and Gentlemen, the session we have been waiting for, the keynote. Will be interesting to hear what Rick Devenuti says. I already know he is a better presenter than Mark Lewis, but let’s focus on the content. Based upon what I heard from the European Momentum and saw at AIIM, it should be better.

This is just the notes. Analysis will follow later. Enjoy.

  • Jeetu Patel, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, taking the stage first
  • Strongly hinting that we should attend the VMWare keynote tomorrow for an announcement
  • Rick takes the stage
  • Said this is the 11th Momentum show. [funny, this is my 12th]
  • Documentum is at the top of the Information Infrastructure product stack for EMC
  • Help our customers get maximum leverage from their information
  • Four dimensions of information
    • Content types (Office files, video, blogs, wikis, PDF)
    • Location Independence (SassS apps and mobile apps
    • Services ( Governance, analytics, process, library services)
    • Apps (Case, Content, Web Experience Management…)
  • Said we are in the Big Data and Social Solution Era
  • Cloud has a lot of difficult realities that we are still working through as an industry
  • EMC Big-Data Stack
    • Scale to store data
    • Collect data (different applications like SAP)
    • Analyze data in realtime (Greenplum)
    • Documentum Acts through collaboration (top of stack)
  • IT used to give us productivity at work, now users get the productivity IT themselves (iPads, SaaS apps…)
  • New Alliance between EMC and Cisco Quad for Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform
    • Social (Cicso), Business Process (EMC), Communications (Cisco), Content/Documents (EMC)
    • Demo tomorrow during Jeetu’s presentation
  • iPad demo had Box.net app
  • Mobile application for Content Server demo live through a MIFI device. Seems to be real given download time. [Nothing fancy, but shiny]
  • Working on new mobile release every 3 months, multiple device support, not just Apple
  • Content Mobility through the Cloud using Box
    • Box as a front-end to Documentum with Documentum behind the firewall
  • SourceOne recap, not much new
  • Whether you like it or not, SharePoint is easy to deploy [Not much new here]
  • For collaboration, 3 options, Box, Cisco Quad, SharePoint [not CenterStage or other EMC client]
  • Documentum isn’t ready for the cloud, but the “Journey is Accelerating”
  • EMC OnDemand
    • Single tenant on common infrastructure.
    • Hybrid cloud approach
    • Captiva, Documentum, Document Sciences are first
    • SourceOne and xCP coming in Q1 2012 to OnDemand
    • Starting this quarter, controlled release in Q3
    • General release in Q4
    • Restate that this stuff wasn’t designed for the cloud
    • Virtual Cube leveraging VMWare and EMC architecture
      • Multi-product/service container
      • Cube contains Prod, test, dev
      • Contains 3rd party apps (databases…)
      • Leverages vApp technology and best practices for making Documentum work
      • Can be onsite of off-premise
    • OnDemand can be up on 2 hours vs 6 months [Seems a stretch, but a few days would still be nice] 2 hours is based upon off-premise time
  • Focus at IIG is on Cloud/Big Data, Transform Business, The User, Information Governance
  • Focus on Partners, Solutions and ROI are the goal
  • Customer satisfaction survey results impacts the bonus pool now to motivate employees

Now off to the Roadmap presentation, after I find coffee and an Internet connection to upload this post (though it stands to reason that if you are reading this, I’ve already done that step).


All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but will not be otherwise indicated.


7 thoughts on “EMC World 2011: Momentum Keynote

  1. The alliance between Cisco and EMC around Quad is very promising. Even though I like Centerstage the Quad app is great because it is so closely tied into real-time collaboration using Cisco’s other technologies. We had a great Telepresence-meeting with Keith Griffin around that last year and it was very clear to me that these guys had put some real thoughts into the product. It looks nice and the technical beck-end seemed solid. They even had some connections to research at a university around social graphs which makes use of all of this “social data” in a smart way. I just hope that we can see a transparent experience so for instance the search experiences does not make any difference whether it is a document, a status update or comment.


    • Saw the Cisco solution last year at Enterprise 2.0. Looked promising. Going to be looking at it in more detail later.

      On another note, Alexandra, miss having you here at the conference. You’ll have to return next year, which I hear rumors of being back in Vegas again.


  2. Oh..thank you Laurence! Miss talking to you as well, really. EMC World is an event I always look forward to. I will do my best to come back next year. Leaving the National Defense College and will become an Air Force Major on June 1st. Even though I neither drink nor gamble I really DO like Vegas for some reason. On the other hand, I like Disney World as well 🙂

    Wonderful to be able to read your great notes here!


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