EMC World 2011: Jeetu’s Documentum Update

Time for Jeetu Patel’s keynote. Expecting some more details on yesterday’s announcements. Not expecting anything earth-shattering, just some more insight into what questions I need to be asking next. Not going to repeat details from Rick’s keynote in these notes.

  • Starting with a floor show. Meant to demonstrate high-tempo of changes at IIG.
  • Lot of transition in the IT world. There will be winners and losers.
  • Winners will have vision and “gravitas” to deliver on that vision.
  • New World, New Implications:
    • Choice Computing
    • Data Centers Unify, but Data Disaggregates
    • New Roles: New developer/ cloud architect, data scientist..all support the new user
  • Recapping yesterday’s announcements
  • xCP is the Action Engine for Big Data
  • Information Fabric = Process + Analytics+ Content Mgmt+ Governance+ Social Collaboration
  • Rohit Ghai, VP of Product Development takes the stage
  • Four Strategic Priorities
    • The New User [aka Sarah because she deserves a name]: User Experience, Choice, Agility
    • Transform: Enterprise Readiness, Accelerated Composition, Information types
    • Journey to the Cloud: OnDemand…
    • Information Governance
  • CenterStage 1.2 is GA now
  • Mobile App – iPad version is first, coming in Q3
  • D7 in 1 year, summer 2012, provides new unified client and “Platform Fully Cloud Enabled”
  • Right after D7, Doc Sci and Captiva “Next” versions will come, SharePoint and improved form factors
  • Back to Jeetu
  • Information Fabric enables Big data-enabled applications, Enterprise social collaboration (Cisco Quad) and Extended enterprise collaboration (Box)
  • Discussing the need to leverage innovation taking place in the broader marketplace.
  • No company can out-innovate Silicon Valley as a whole.
  • Commitment to Choice: SharePoint, Cisco, and Box
  • Cisco taking the stage with Jeetu
  • Showing the iPad Cisco Quad app.
    • Monitors brand via social media. It gives alert and gives information.
    • Moving to laptop to use full browser app to marshal resources
    • Applying retention policies to Community that user is creating
    • Meetings and all content is stored in the Documentum repository.
  • August is target to have first instance of Quad/Documentum solution. Planning some work with the OnDemand offering.
  • Jeetu is by himself again, but bring Aaron Levie of Box to the stage
  • Aaron said Jeetu’s hair is “off-premise”
  • Showing how you can access Documentum content, respecting its security, using the normal Box clients.
  • Showing the the Documentum Retention Policy alert through the Box interface.
  • Showing two-way synch interface between Documentum and Box
  • Rolling out in limited release, much more in Q3/Q4 timeframe
  • Aaron is done, solid applause
  • Talking about the xCP Accelerator Challenge (announcing winners)
  • Using past-tense in talking about ECM market. Seems to apply to the market more than their position.

Okay, time to digest, find caffeine,Internet to upload this, and have some conversations. See you out there.


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