EMC World 2011: Documentum Web Services Overview and Strategy

Ahson Ahmad and Norrie Quinn are starting things off this Momentum talking about the Web Services. Not expecting too much new, but you never know. Hopefully some good information on the REST interfaces.

  • Documentum Foundation Services (DFS), SOAP/WSDL
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
    • Part of platform with 6.7 release earlier this month
  • REST API (reinvigoration of efforts) [Some applause]
  • Non-core DFS functionality ships with supporting products (such as RPS services)
  • 6.7 DFS
    • WebSEAL integration
    • Native .NET support for UCF (removes need for JRE on client)
  • Details on CMIS. [See the rest of my blog for details on CMIS or my latest presentation on SlideShare]
  • Documentum REST SPI
    • EDN Labs project in 2009
    • Plan to have updated releases this year
  • REST given for 3 use cases
    • Rich Internet Apps
    • Mobile Applications
    • Cloud-based Applications
  • Stressing the DFS is not being replace by REST. Used for “tighter” integrations

Norrie doing the REST API Technical Overview now…

  • Highlights
    • Pragmatic REST API for Documentum Platform, not 100% RESTful, but ease-of-use taken into account
    • Intuitive resource model covering basic and adbanced Documentum data and functionality
    • Simple JSON and XML representations
    • Linked resources for API navigation
    • Standard authentication protocols
  • No date given on Release 3, working on it and will be this year and based upon previous feedback
  • Several code examples, progressing to iPad Application example
  • [Generally solid examples and tips. Will want to have presentation on hand if you are learning REST using the REST API]
  • Going to be a WAR file
  • Stateless for flexible scaling/High Availability
  • Authentication and Authorization
    • Deployment Configuration
    • Implemented with Spring Security
      • Support for Multiple Protocols
        • HTTP Basic
        • Multiple SSO
        • Kerberos
        • OAUTH
      • Mature Authentication Customization Framework

Back to Ahson for Roadmap

  • Early Access for REST is 2011Q3 – 2012Q2, existing members maintain access
  • Plan for updates every 2 months, maybe faster, trying for agile model
  • D7 in Q2/Q3 2012 REST API will be part of core
  • No update to CMIS for 1.1 support because the finalization of 1.1 is still some time away, plan for faster support

Of to meet my co-presenters for my Wednesday presentation for coffee. Need to go over some of the details of the presentation. After that, lunch at the EMC Community Luncheon


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