EMC World 2009: Integrating Documentum within Popular Desktop Applications

Moving around, trying to figure out the best session to attend and ended up here after Andrew told me to catch the next SharePoint session later today. This session is important because many users just want to work within Microsoft Office, specifically Outlook. Let’s see what Namrata Murlidhar has to say on this topic.

  • “My Documentum” suite (packaged as one offering)
    • My Documentum Offline
    • My Documentum for the Desktop
    • Formerly File Share Services
      • Re-architected for 6.5 sp2
    • My Documentum for Outlook
      • Formerly Documentum Client for Outlook, aka DCO
      • Native integration into Outlook
  • My Documentum Offline
    • Deployed internally at Documentum (EMC?)
    • Access content when offline
    • Automatic synchronization
    • Conflict resolution mechanism
    • Full offline metadata support
    • Subscribe to content
    • My Documentum Offline Demo
      • File folder shortcuts on the desktop
      • Right-click functionality
      • Setting the synch rules in the repository seems easy to understand, distinctive icons for each setting
      • Can get synch history for a document, not just current user’s history
      • Specialized folder shortcut for Subscriptions
  • My Documentum for the Desktop
    • Exposes Documentum as a file share
    • Native access at OS level
    • Work-in-place link management – OLE (!!!)
    • Support for distributed content
    • Support for MAC OS
    • Demo
      • Can see/edit attributes and versions
      • Can use the Desktop search as well
  • My Documentum for Outlook
    • Native integration with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007
    • Comprehensive metadata management
    • Offline access and support
    • Capture content, in context, and tag with properties
    • Advanced search and Discovery
    • Currently in a controlled release
    • Demo, same basic features as other products
    • Personal archiving use case
  • DCO customers get a 1:1 license swap
  • FSS customers get the suite for a promotional price (MAC users that can only use FSS may be getting the raw end here)
  • My Documentum Offline is free to Webtop users
    • Meant to replace Application connectors which are not being killed, just not improved
  • This is being released in 2009-Q4
    • Outlook client in 2nd week of July 2009
  • D7 Offline and FSS products will be merging – 1H – 2010
  • Expose CenterStage Social Networking in D7.5
  • Not heavily customizable, not in the use-case
  • Works with 6.0 and above, standard for all clients

Off to the Bloggers Lounge.  I need a double espresso before Mark Lewis gives his keynote.


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6 thoughts on “EMC World 2009: Integrating Documentum within Popular Desktop Applications

  1. Jed Spink says:

    Interested to note that My Documentum Offline will be free for Webtop users.

    However, when last I looked at the product it could only be deployed on a limited number of App Servers – and Tomcat was not one of these! Slightly at odds with the Frank Chao roadmap presentation which stated that Tomcat was most deployed app server dontcha think?


    • It does sound at odds and I haven’t seen that detail about My Documentum. It runs on DFS 6.5 sp1 which does work on Tomcat, so I think it is a non-issue.

      Most of Frank’s numbers are probably D6 and not D6.5. With 6.5, jboss is certified, which can also be deployed.

      Note that license information, like any delivery dates, are very much open to change.


      • Jed Spink says:

        Hmmm… the current release notes for My Documentum, on Powerlink, state compatibility with: WebLogic, WebSphere and Oracle AS.

        This is version 6 SP1, so maybe a new version is due out – but when I played with it ISTR it needed a full J2EE server rather than just Tomcat (servlet container) and there was an EAR as part of the deployment (not that this should preclude JBoss, but not on the official list).


      • I’m looking at the D6.5 release notes. You are correct about the D6 version. Keep in mind though that DFS can work all the way back to 5.3, so you can use D6.5 DFS now.


      • Jed Spink says:

        Thanks – at least JBoss is added. Noted re: DFS but was more worried about the My DCTM Offline EAR specifically…


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