Tips: Where Did the Time Go? D6 and the UTC Timestamp

I had planned to start running all of my “Tips” posts in the EMC Developer Network, but I wanted to editorialize a little in this Tip, so I’ve decided to throw it up here.  This issue arose when I installed a new repository into an existing environment.  It is a documented issue, though the Support guys need to read that documentation a little more closely.

The Time Warp

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Where in the World is Pie?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little inactive lately.  If you are even more observant, you may have noticed a few references to the fact that I was very busy in August and September.  After all, CMIS was finally released last month and I haven’t even posted an analysis on how it measures up from a technical standpoint.

The answer is a little more complex than too much going on a daily basis.  It boils down to one thing, borderline burnout.  I’ve not only not been doing anything on my commute even remotely work-related, I’ve sometimes been going home and night and not even using a computer!  I think my wife hasn’t said anything because I think she is happy about that behavior, even if it is a warning sign.

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DQL versus SQL

James has often compared DQL and SQL, assigning the security weaknesses of one to the other. While there may be valid concerns for some ECM query languages, DQL is actually fairly secure from this type of attack. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t foolproof, but it isn’t an apples to apples comparison. Let’s compare and look. Be sure to add comments to question or add.

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Tips: Contentless Objects as Lookups, Even Less than Content

So the other day I was looking at why one of the lookups in my system was always providing me a blank value. The keyword DISTINCT seemed to keep it down to one, but it didn’t do more than limit the amount of blanks to one. It is a required field, so the user can’t save it with that value, but even with a valid default value, it is something that annoys me. So I began trying to banish it from my sight.

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Tips: Forcing an LDAP Update in Documentum

I ran into a problem the other day and I thought I would share the solution. I have encountered it before elsewhere, and that means others have encountered it before as well. Before I dive into the problem, I just want to say something to James. When Bex wrote about ECM systems storing Content, not Users, he presents a powerful and logical argument. Outside of the lab, I’ve had several clients where the network wasn’t ideal, and we were more than happy to store a copy of the user information inside of Documentum, only talking LDAP for authentication. I know the solution should be to fix the network, but sometimes that isn’t entirely possible. That is another story.

[REVISED 2007-8-03 (I hate this network)]

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