Thankful for the Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl Logo.pngIt is Thanksgiving in the United States this week. It is a time for turkey and pie. Oh the pies. I am thankful for many things, but I won’t go into many of those today. I want to talk about a Thanksgiving tradition. The Iron Bowl.

The Iron Bowl is the annual American football game between my alma mater, Auburn University, and the other major school in the state of Alabama, the University of Alabama. While those facts would normally be enough to make the game interesting, when one realizes how little else there is to do in Alabama besides watch college football, it escalates. It is more than bragging rights.

This year, Alabama is ranked number one and is the defending National Champion. Auburn is ranked fourth (out of 120 teams). The winner takes the division and will play in the the Southeastern Conference championship. As the SEC champion has won the last seven National Championships, In fact, the last four winners of the Iron Bowl have won the National Championship.

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Where in the World is Pie?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little inactive lately.  If you are even more observant, you may have noticed a few references to the fact that I was very busy in August and September.  After all, CMIS was finally released last month and I haven’t even posted an analysis on how it measures up from a technical standpoint.

The answer is a little more complex than too much going on a daily basis.  It boils down to one thing, borderline burnout.  I’ve not only not been doing anything on my commute even remotely work-related, I’ve sometimes been going home and night and not even using a computer!  I think my wife hasn’t said anything because I think she is happy about that behavior, even if it is a warning sign.

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