Tips: Where Did the Time Go? D6 and the UTC Timestamp

I had planned to start running all of my “Tips” posts in the EMC Developer Network, but I wanted to editorialize a little in this Tip, so I’ve decided to throw it up here.  This issue arose when I installed a new repository into an existing environment.  It is a documented issue, though the Support guys need to read that documentation a little more closely.

The Time Warp

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Tips: Taming the Documentum Audit Trail

The Documentum Audit Trail. It is one of the un-tamed beasts in many Documentum deployments. The requirements for auditing often come into conflict with the reality of the out-of-the-box functionality. To makes things useful for the average user, organizations tend to set earlier than desired audit purges and/or severely restrict what they audit which can lead to important actions being overlooked.

On the other hand, keeping everything makes finding what you want an expensive proposition.

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